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Trying Something New
By Aaron Betson

When you begin something,
Usually it is hard to do,
But don't give up and feel blue.
Just keep trying, thinking and waiting,
And eventually it will be easier.
It usually works for me.
When you're trying something new,
This should work for you.
Aaron is a ten year old homeschooler. When not immersed in a book, he is most likely to be found at the computer.

by Devlyn

I have seen the vision of butterflies
From here on my lunch-time leaf,
But real as it seems I am dumbstruck
By a feeling of disbelief.

What link do they touch within me?
I seek to deny their power;
I hide with the fear of my Knowing?
The leaf in my mouth turns sour.

I have heard the summon of butterflies
And find that I must now move:
No more tis enough to be who I am
Accepting a self-warped truth.

I weave, with doubt as my shadow,
The fabric of Death's dark womb,
Tucking in strands of hopeful thoughts,
Til I am all consumed.

…time stretches so everlastingly
like waves on the shore of my being,
til I'm touched by the warmth of coming dawn,
awed by what I'm now seeing:

Wings! I have wings! And the freedom
To attend to the desperate cries
Of my kinfolk who wander, still seeking
The secret of butterflies.

Wind beneath your wings

Counselor and Poet of Deep and Mythic Pathways, Dev has studied, explored, and experienced shamanic and spiritual traditions from Celtic to Native American, journeying the Matrix of Light since birth. She is a Healing Touch Shaman, Dimensional Mystic, and has had a book of Celtic poems published, called Myst-taken Identity.

the mothcatcher
by Jennifer Monaghan

a furry figure
zips by in the corner
of my eye
without turning my head
i continue to watch
as she dances across the
living room floor
waving her arms
about like a maniac
jumping onto the bookshelves
knocking over knick-knacks
pictures swinging back
and forth on the walls
a tabby-tornado intent
on only one thing
calmly i rise from my
spot at the computer and
retreive a drinking glass
a firm piece of thin paper
i approach the moth and
unsuccessful mothcatcher
and place the glass over
the fearful insect
it flutters as i slide the
paper between the glass
and the wall
a sudden swipe of a paw
nearly knocks the glass
from my hand
but i hold it steady
i rush outside to set
the moth free
and return with an empty glass
much to the disappointment
of a mischevious cat

written by Jennifer Monaghan
for my eternal-kitten Hazel
copyright 2003
Jennifer is a young writer and poet who has had a passion for the written word since childhood. Jennifer's poetry has been featured in The Prologue, an annual publication of the University of WI, River Falls, Body Mind Spirit Magazine as well as TSM. In addition to writing, Jennifer is currently pursuing pre-veterinary studies.

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