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The Celtic Wisdom Tarot
by: Caitlin Matthews

This deck is not intended for a quickie reading to get an answer to a mundane issue. Instead, this deck and book set provides extremely in-depth divination; delving into the querent's soul for the truth and honesty of a situation.

When I first tried using these cards, simply using intuition and not the meanings set forth by Caitlin, I received wonderful readings. Then I took the time to read the book and lay out the cards, following Caitlin's meanings… the reading was deeper than I have ever experienced by using a book which comes with a deck.

Olivia Rayner's imagery is truly a breathtaking work of art all on it's own but combined with Caitlin's meanings… you have a wonderful symbiotic opportunity of delving into your soul!

Caitlin gives a meaning for each card and a question or "soul-wisdom" to ask yourself. The Ogham tree, what relation they have to the four Celtic festivals and title/letters are also provided. There are explanations for where in the triple spiral your cards fall and which of the 'seven candles of life' illuminate your cards today!

If you have any understanding of Celtic wisdom or even if you only have an interest in it, this deck will provide you with a wonderful tool of self-discovery.

Please remember however these cards are not intended for a quickie reading but rather to give the querent an opportunity to view the situation with depth and honesty… and time is needed to dig that deep! So don't rush your reading, respect the energy Caitlin has put into creating this deck and give it the time it deserves!

On a side note: The book which accompanies these cards equals the quality of the marvelous cards themselves.

in light,
Aleesha Stephenson

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