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Volume 1 Issue 1 ISSN# 1708-3265

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the Artist's Way
by Julia Cameron
ISBN: 1-58542-146-4

I have actually gone through the exercises in "The Artists Way" twice. The first time was when I first consciously began my Shamanic Path, about a year after I got very sick with Fibromialgia, lost my job, lost my house, and went into bankruptcy from the mounting medical bills. A friend bought me a copy of the book and we made a pact to both work through it. She never finished, but I did. It took me a year, which was a small price to pay as it helped change my life. I was still very sick and very broke (in many ways), but I started the long road to rediscovering my true self.

The second time was a quick crash review when I was at University studying Art. This course turned out to be another phase, or step, along my Shamanic Path. Art is the tool I use to both access and bring wisdom from the other worlds to this one. One of the instructors was very interested in Native American Shamanism and believed all true artists are modern societies shamans. He made "The Artists Way" the required text for his seminar classes.

I recommend this book. You need to do everything she says, no matter how stupid and silly it seems, and make sure you complete your journal entry every day; even if you don't think you have any thing to say. I have several journal pages with nothing but, "I have nothing to say", written over and over until some little tid-bit 'blurted' out on the page. You will be surprised what comes from taking this book seriously and following through with it.

Reviewed by:
Lynda Rae

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