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A Talk with the Penguin People:
On Marriage, Duality, and the Gateway to Unity

with Dawn Baumann Brunke

Several years ago, during the millennium shift, I experienced some short, disconnected moments of time. It didn't happen often and wasn't particularly troubling to me, yet those short gaps of time remained a mystery.

One morning, while planning to talk with my wise old dog Zak, a group of beings who called themselves the Penguin People came to talk instead. I had previously conversed with this aspect of penguins and found their insights on life quite fascinating. In particular, they addressed the ability of all animals to "meld with their environment, to adapt a way of being that is in league with who they are and what they wish to accomplish."

The penguins had showed me an image of themselves as birds flying through water (as opposed to air), "as a metaphor of being or becoming in a different way, so as to see from another perspective and gain more fluidity in shifting perspectives. Not to get lost in any one perspective, but to see from that vantage point and integrate the vision with your own."

They went on to say they were in a common focus with many other "traveling" mammals and birds of the Southern Hemisphere. They added, "There is a twisting of the earth poles and many of these animals have taken on the opportunity to work with (and learn more about) shifting magnetics via the use of their bodies and consciousness. We speak of a grid pattern which has moved out of alignment. In truth, it is seeking a new alignment, and these animals are working to bring both into being."

"Do you mean as in two earths?" I had asked, wondering if this corresponded to the idea some humans had proposed that during the "earth changes" there may be two or more versions of earth present at a single time.

"That is exactly what we mean," said the Penguin People. "The transformation now occurring on the planet reveals itself first in the Southern regions. There is a similar movement in the North, though not as pronounced at this time."

The penguins showed this to me as an image of a bell held by hand - the North Pole is where the 'bell' is being held and the Southern Hemisphere is the part which is ringing. The earth is 'ringing' to become a new being, although the 'old' earth is still needed for some as well.

"What we see happening is the earth 'becoming' two, or manifesting in a way in which two different aspects of her being will become conscious for a brief period of human time. You will have a choice as to which vibrational level of earth/consciousness you choose. This coincides with (or is aided by) various eclipses and astronomical events as well as by certain experiments occurring under the earth, and by the consciousness growth of those who live on the planet. In short, the earth and all her inhabitants are in the course of becoming more conscious."

The Penguin People related that my "disconnect" was actually a connection or, as they called it, "a marriage or new alignment of coordinates" done within the physical body. "These correspond to alignments also occurring within, on and around the planet at various dimensional levels."

They added that many animals were in the process of "adapting their internal coordinates to match a particular dimension or dimensions of change on the earth." This "marriage alignment" was a coming together of two separate yet fundamentally interconnected aspects of being. "The marriage aspect is one of unity, of revealing how two parts make up or create a unified whole. Male and female are as two different aspects of One. They come together to create another: a child, a marriage unity, a family, etc. It is like this with penguins too! The male comes to the female and a new penguin can be created. We have many rules about how this happens; it is ritualized or ordered more than you think. We feel humans do not always perceive the deeper 'why' of us when they come to observe us. They are often looking to aspects that correspond to humans, thus failing to see aspects of us that relate only to us.

"In the same way, you tend to see things which are 'wrong' with your mate because they do not correspond to you. Your mate represents another way of doing things. In the greater whole, both aspects are needed to create the new being.

"Now, how does this relate to the larger picture? On deeper levels (or, vibrations or layers or deeper perspectives) - there is also a marriage. It can be thought of as the marriage of Spirit and Matter (Earth and Sky; Mother and Father; or, endless variations thereof). As the two are needed to create new life, a certain alignment or connection must initially occur.

"This is the mating ritual. With humans, it is done primarily via smell. Your surface courting acts out this process, but smell is the basic core of how this begins. With penguins, it is movement, the way a body moves in space "It is a 'penguin thing!'' the penguins added with humour.

"From this deeper first connection, other connections are made, through the emotional bodies, spiritual bodies, mental bodies, etc. That is for humans. For penguins, there is a similar correspondence, though we make sense of it in different ways. The 'marriage' is the outward proclamation that the two have consciously decided to become one. Again, in penguin society this is a bit different, but we have a similar ritual of proclamation through physical union.

"What ties this together is that connection begins at the internal level and progresses outward to the physically manifest. Thus, the conscious marriage of, say, an energy chakra to a gland or the brain is about the coming together of a physical unit to create greater awareness for all aspects of the body/mind/spirit. It is an alliance which serves to create a greater whole and a new entity as well.

"Recalling the image of the North Pole as the bell ringer, and the South Pole as that which is rung, one sees the Northern latitudes as more 'still' yet holding the potential of what the Southern latitudes will manifest. In terms of your body, this refers to the emotions and the mind as the North and the body as the South; or, another way to see it is that the core is the North and the outer aspects are the South. Again, North and South are simply metaphors. But also, this corresponds to the larger marriage of how two work together to be one.

"To return to the initial image of penguins flying through water - this is the metaphor of what life will become for many of earth's inhabitants. It will be about learning how to work and live and exist in 'new waters' (though we do not mean waters literally), of learning to adapt oneself to new situations while still 'holding' sight of the land, the icebergs of home. For some 'time' there will be a movement back and forth. Animals who live in two environments (land and sea or air and water or air and land) will be very helpful here - either as guides or simply as beings to observe and learn from in that manner.

"There is much about duality in One that has yet to be explored and explained. Duality is not a problem when attempting to reach unity. Duality is the gateway to Unity.

"We penguins live both in the water and on land (ice). One is not better than another. We have learned how to see both as a continuum of the One. That is a physical example of how the two are the gateway to becoming and being One.

"Our advice is to see this at deeper layers in your everyday life. Seek to become more familiar and comfortable with a variety of perspectives. That is our lesson for today - to truly attempt to learn and see from other's point of view - both humans as well as animals. If you open in that way to learning, you will come to learn and appreciate far more than what we can convey in simple talk.

With Blessings, The Penguin People."

Dawn Baumann Brunke is the author of Animal Voices: Telepathic Communication in the Web of Life and Awakening to Animal Voices: A Teen Guide to Telepathic Communication with All Life. Both books explore the deeper nature of our relationship with animals, nature, each other and ourselves. For more, see Dawn's website.

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