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Magik'ly Speaking…
A Different Point Of View

Featuring: Elizabeth Abernathy's son - Casimir Secrist

Greetings, salutations, and other such welcoming phrases. I'm Casimir, the eldest of Boo's (AKA Elizabeth Abernathy) brilliant, attractive, and artistic brood. Did I mention I'm the modest one? Anyway, as I was dragging my carcass to the kitchen for my morning coffee a couple days ago, I happened to pass by my dear mother busily pecking away at the keyboard when she noticed me shambling by and asked if I'd mind writing an article for the magazine she often helps with. Apparently she took my incoherent stammering for assent. After coffee and true wakefulness I sat down to deliver this friendly little missive regarding my thoughts on having a Hedge-Witch as a mother.

Sometimes people ask me if I think it's unusual growing up in such an… interesting household. Personally, I don't think there's anything odd or strange about the Family. Yes, we may have an extra parental figure, but that means all the 'littlies' can get the attention they need, not to mention making it easier to keep everyone in line.

Anyway, you all wanted to know about having a Witchie Momma. It's not too different, if you discount that she always knows how to fix what's gone wrong, from skinned knees, to PMSing sisters, to bruised feelings, and bad days out. (In order, blow on it and get a band aid and some chocolate, chocolate, more chocolate, and again, chocolate. Chocolate fixes everything.)

Granted, I've lived in a "normal" household, and the transition to a home where everyone's more empathic than I am is generally a pain in the… ego. I can highlight the differences, but "normality" comes up dismally short. The 'littlies' know to stay out of the way when Momma's casting, so they make up for it by being under everyone else's feet until they can attach themselves back on her legs. And seeing that itty-bitty woman hauling a tiny kid on each leg and being followed by a furry shadow is, to put it mildly, rather amusing.

Of course, it isn't all sunshine and lollypops. She's not afraid to belt me a couple times with the baseball bat of "(un) Common $%^#@! Sense" You see, I have a bit of a problem with trying to "fix" people who don't want my help, and just last night we had a bit of a chat about that… In essence, I was told that it's not my place to try to choose another's path, and finding my own is just a smidge more important. I was told very quietly and insistently to mind my own business.

Living here has had a few effects on how I express myself. I write more than I did, and now that I have someone to help me interpret my dreams, (Dearest Mother) I talk about them more. It's easy to forget that not everyone can say their mom helped out with a spell for good fortune, or that they need to remember to pick up some white sage and sweetgrass while they're out shopping.

I try really hard to just smile and nod when my admittedly rather mainstream friends complain about crappy family lives and terminally frustrating parents. I don't have that problem, although her quiet smile when I finally admit she was right about certain things (cough *ex-girlfriend* cough) can sometimes grate upon my nerves.

And the reminders that I'm far from perfect when I'm busily complaining about someone else tend to get a bit stale at times. Not to mention the fact that she always knows when I'm hiding something… and speaking from experience, NEVER lie to a witch. Doing so is a Bad Idea. Trust me.

As it's now 4:07 in the AM, and I have to work, well, this morning, I'll leave you with these parting words; if ever you can wrangle growing up 'witchie', do so.

Although you may not always like it, I can guarantee you'll live in Interesting Times. Until we meet again, may your path have clever turns.

-Casimir S.

Casimir Secrist is the oldest son in a large, loving family. He is currently in the early stages of development for a game he's invented, and is looking forward to helping run the family business. Casimir lives and works in Oregon.

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