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Axel Sjoberg

Oh Lord, of poor intelligence
Am I, of humble creed,
A part of life of small expanse;
A song of lowly reed.
But give me strength before I leave
And wit to mold a song,
Symbolic for the things I grieve
Within my ways of wrong.
To journey past the monotone
Of things of everyday;
To add my note unto the song
Whereby your great men pray.
O Lord, to build in rich attire
A dream of lasting bloom!
Lord, a chance to touch the fire
That brightens faultless doom!

Axel Sjoberg was born in 1915. He passed away on April 09, 2004, in his 89th year. A great humanitarian, as he donated much of his funds to various charities. He was actively involved in Canadian politics. He often walked his talk. He was a handwriting analyst, and was known to those in the field as "The Canadian Analyst" (the name of his magazine). In his spare time he wrote stories and poetry. He resided in Saskatchewan for the last 30 years of his life.

Butterfly Woman


Butterflies fluttering beneath bare feet
- a Path unlike any known -
no matter I run or jump or sleep,
their Spirit enwraps my own;
their sentient Tapestry
flows with me
- separate and yet as One -
a kaleidoscopic mystery
whose Presence is 'round me spun.

Learn, my Child, the Butterfly Dance,
As they are teaching you -
Here's your Dream wrapped up in Chance
- with wings of Indigo-blue.

Wings of Phoenix
Wings of Elf
Wings of Butterfly
Wings of Self…
Currents of Deepness
Currents of Night
Currents of Spirit
Currents of Light…
Truth of Becoming
Truth of the Sidhe
Truth of Transforming
The Truth of Me.

Counselor and Poet of Deep and Mythic Pathways, Dev has studied, explored, and experienced shamanic and spiritual traditions from Celtic to Native American, journeying the Matrix of Light since birth. She is a Healing Touch Shaman, Dimensional Mystic, and has had a book of Celtic poems published, called Myst-taken Identity.


Marriah Secrist

A bright light gleams on the horizon.
I smile happily, knowing that unexplainable joy awaits me: A feeling… of utter happiness.
But arising in the mind; a thought… a thought… sends a spark of hatred off; and, brightening, it shoots off at the new enemy.
The blaze soars upwards, reaching the cold skies, and it blows out that one star: the one, but only, shimmer of hope, and it grows dark.
A bright light gleamed on the horizon once:
It went out long ago.

Marriah Secrist (c) 1/14/03

Marriah is the eldest daughter in a large, loving family. She is 14, an honour student, an award-winning storyteller, singer, and poetess. She is currently interested in making movies which represent specific political views, in a way which entertains as well as enlightens.


Jennifer Monaghan

A poem inspired by Henrik Ibsen's "A Doll House"

a doll in the hands
a boy
to be a man
she is a puppet on a string
bending and moving
to his playful will,

but ah!
one fateful day a
string breaks!

a hand is freed from
constant control
she waits in
excited patience for
he, the
to turn his watchful
eye, a distraction,
and now
she is
the playful one,
bending this
and that to her will
a girl
to be a woman
acting without
thought of
consequence or

but ah! her
secret-doings are

and the puppet-master
turns red
with anger
threatens to cut
the strings

then takes hold once
again in
offering to
that broken string

(lest she try her
meddling hand with
further mischief)

and she,
the puppet-mistress,
instead of
letting the string
be repaired,
does what she
could have

(or perhaps should have?)

done all along
she takes the strings
all of them in her teeth
tears them apart
releases herself
into her hands
no longer the puppet
of a husband, of
that boy
to be a man
no longer
that girl
to be a woman
now a true woman
a REAL woman
but is she really?
is it right?
is she right
to leave behind her
young children
no one
but an old tired
nursemaid to comfort
their cries?

by Jennifer Monaghan
copyright 2004

Jennifer is a writer and poet who has had a passion for the written word since childhood. Jennifer's poetry has been featured in The Prologue, an annual publication of the University of WI, River Falls, Body Mind Spirit Magazine and here at TSM. In addition to writing, Jennifer is currently pursuing pre-veterinary studies.

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