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The Envelope Please…
A Personal Profile of Elizabeth Abernathy
A.K.A. Boo

with David Reber

Editor's Note: Sometimes your writers are having such a good time working on a project you just don't have the heart to change a single word… So with that… I give you an interview between Elizabeth Abernathy and David Reber. The unedited version…

: : : lights coming up… cueing intro theme… Stage directions called : : : OKAY PEOPLE!!!! WE'RE ON IN 5… 4… And 3… : : : Counting off last two silently with upheld fingers, then pointing to host : : :
Mr Dave: Good afternoon everyone and welcome to "Witch Talk."

Mr Dave: Today we are lucky to have with us an individual who has created quite a stir with her regular column in Timeless Spirit Magazine. You know her, you love her, let's give a warm applause to Elizabeth Abernathy!
Mr Dave: Now Elizabeth. Do you mind if I call you Boo?
Boo: Please do: -)
Boo: lol
Mr Dave: Boo, that is an unusual nickname, please enlighten our readers as to how you got it…
Boo: ok, well it actually started as a disagreement between my mother and father.
Mr Dave: Hmmm, please tell more!
Boo: When Mama found she was pregnant, they had an agreement that she'd get to name me if I was a girl, and Daddy would if I was a boy… when I was born, Daddy really wanted Mama to name me after his favourite auntie, Lizzie Rose. Mama hates the name Lizzie, lol… so she said, "No… I'm going to name her Elizabeth." Daddy countered with, "Ok, then I'm gonna call her Becky Boo." And the 'Boo' stuck. I quit using it in school, cause it was too personal to me, but made a decision to go back to it a few years ago… it's my favorite name.
Mr Dave: How comical! You've had your fitting nickname since before you were born?
Boo: Apparently, (heeheehee!)
Mr Dave: So, with such a fitting name, is it safe to assume your family also practiced in the Craft?
Boo: Not exactly… I found out after I became an adult that both sides of my family are extremely psychic, and have various abilities… but I was raised Methodist until the age of 9, when it became obvious to my Mama that I had thoughts, feelings, and abilities she didn't know how to 'move forward' with. She'd been in denial of her own abilities her whole life
Mr Dave: So what did you do then? How did you progress from there?
Boo: Thankfully, I've helped her overcome that… By not wanting to admit that her daughter was insane, Mama had to realize that she wasn't either.
Boo: whoops… sorry
Mr Dave: (Pssssttt… It's an interview Boo… Don't apologize when the interviewer screws up)
Boo: heeheehee!!!
Boo: ok, so I've forgotten the question…
Boo: ?
Mr Dave: That is so interesting Boo : : : shaking a cocktail shaker : : : Obviously you progressed, what did you do then? How did you finally come upon the "Hedge Witch Path?"
Boo: Mama said it was time for me to find my own (spiritual) path, and that she'd be there to support me while I searched. It was a friend in Europe who identified what I'd been doing all along as 'hedgewitchery'
Mr Dave: Truly? So you would say you'd already been practicing intuitively? : : : pouring something fruity into two big glasses decked out like a tropical rain forest and sliding one to Boo : : :
Boo: Yeah… forever. Mama had too, really… we just didn't know it at the time. Her mother was a staunch Christian, and didn't want to hear about anything paranormal. She was truly afraid of the whole idea… but then again, she had some of the most progressive Christian ideas I ever heard, lol! And she loved us dearly, and accepted me, strange as I was, totally.
Mr Dave: So, your friend naming you as a Hedge Witch… How did that further influence you?
Boo: (be right back… gotta go pee)
Mr Dave: (pssst again Goof… don't tell the audience you are pottying!) : : : cutting to comercial : : :
Boo: Well I didn't wanna make you wait for nothing, goob!
Mr Dave: Allright then! We are BACK with Boo! Boo, did everything come out ok?
Boo: lol… yup… good as gold : : : sticks out tongue: : :
Mr Dave: So, how did your friend naming you a "Hedge Witch" affect your life path?
Boo: Oh wow… well, it really helped a lot, actually! I finally had a name for it, you know? I wasn't quite as big a freak as everyone said I was, lol!
Mr Dave: Did having the name steer your studies then? Oh come on! Audience show Boo we don't think she is a freak! : : : waving hand to get the audience cheering : : :
Boo: lol… you Goober!
Boo: oh no… I probably said it all wrong… sorry! I'd been practicing magick for 20 years or so before that… I just thought I was 'learning', until I realized after researching witches in Ireland that all the women on both sides of my family were naturals… but few of them had realised it. Does that make sense?
Mr Dave: Indeed… So you really could consider yourself a heriditary witch? (pssst… treat this as an interview, not you and I talking… Goof… )
Boo: When I sit and think about it, yeah… but I've never put much thought into 'claiming' it, cause I mostly taught myself, and the ones who were interested in using more of their own abilities just followed along.
Mr Dave: How very interesting… You said you'd been practicing in the Craft for more than 20 years before learning about Hedge Witches… Were you married when you found this information out?
Boo: I don't wanna be one of those people who NEEDS the world to believe that "I come from someunbelievablenumber generations of witches", you know?
Mr Dave: Understood… Just trying to give our audience some background, some insight into what makes Boo tick
Boo: I started practicing at the age of ten. I was married to my second and third husbands when the 'Hedgewitch' moniker was added.
Mr Dave: Oh, so both of the husbands you now reside with were there when you learned the term… What was their reactions to finally having a title for what their cute little Boo can do?
Boo: They thought it was fitting (grin!)
Mr Dave: : : : Leaning back, crossing one leg, and rubbing two fingers under chin to affect a meaningful look : : : Hmmmm, can you elaborate?
Boo: uh… (stream of consciousness to follow)… hedge-outdoors-plants/herbs-herbalism- me witch-someonewhocastsspellstoaffectchange-me
Mr Dave: Now Boo, I take it you've not been interviewed often before
Boo: never, really… I was kinda blown away to be asked to do this one, actually, lol!
Mr Dave: Well, the whole point of the "interview" is to inform. So with my questions I am leading you to "inform the reader. Shall I just say, "Boo define a hedge witch for those of us in the back who don't know?"
Boo: oh geeze… sorry! *pause* ok, I put on some music… maybe I'll be sharper now, lol!
Mr Dave: That comment above makes ALL kinds of openings like I could lead into your two husbands with it, I could learn more about your background… Don't just assume the reader has made a connection… Also… The whole point of this is because not all of us take for granted what you do
Boo: A hedgewitch works hand in hand with Nature as much as possible to affect change. In Europe, they were the Wise Women every town had on it's outskirts.
Mr Dave: So give us some examples of your own life, ways you work in and with nature to get done what you need to… and try not to use the words "ummm" or "stream of consciousness."
Boo: Well, if I need a tool for something Magickal, instead of heading down to the local New Age shop to buy one, I'll do a Ritual to connect with Mother & Father (my own name for 'God'). I'll send out my intent, and request that I be aided in finding what I need to make it for myself… things like small branches, shells, moss, feathers, etc. Then, I prepare myself, grab my 'gathering gear' and head outside.
Mr Dave: Now we are getting somewhere! : : : Holding up tropical rain forest cocktail to clink glasses with Boo : : : Can you give a recent example of what you just described above?
Boo: : : : takes a sip of her V-8 : : :
Mr Dave: (V-8 with ZING)
Mr Dave: Can you give us a recent example soon? : : : snicker : : :
Boo: Sure… I needed to make a Spirit Doll for a friend of mine, and was really having a hard time coming up with a plan. I did my 'connecting' ritual, and put forth my intent, then asked for help. Within the next two days, all the pieces of the doll were assembled, most from sources that had nothing whatsoever to do with Magick. I was gifted her face in a box of treasures an artist friend gave me… Her body came to me in a dream, and the feathers topping her came from my friend herself, in a surprise gift she'd sent me. They came from her favorite bird, who had just passed away. I had no idea, until after I described it to her, and mentioned that she'd provided the feathers.
Mr Dave: Oh wow! How very interesting! Now, let's talk about your family. Who lives in your home?
Boo: Myself, the 2 hubbies, our 7 kids and their Godsfather, and a few critters.
Boo: Actually, our second son is only here part time.
Mr Dave: The hubbies? More than one? What are their names and how did this come about? : : : affecting mock scandalous look : : :
Boo: Steve and Rich, and it's really not all that rare.
Mr Dave: Wow, two hubbies, seven children, and all those pets! : : : turning conspiratorially toward audience : : : I guess a Hedge Witch doesn't get to say "no."
Boo: : : : rolling eyes at cheesy interviewer : : :
Mr Dave: not all that rare hmmm? How so?
Boo: Do an online search for 'polyamory'… you'll find links to groups all over the world. But be forewarned, many of the groups are not in the same 'space' as we are as a family. When we looked for groups to join, we found a high percentage of guys looking for 'harems'… and most of them were really forward about it. Some even looking for 'slaves'… our life is NOTHING like that! We are together because we all love each other deeply.

Editor's Note: Polyamory is when more than two people are in a loving relationship, Polygamy is when a man has more than one wife.

Mr Dave: ('bout freakin' time you got into the mood of this… Goof… )
Boo: lol
Mr Dave: Were there legal issue with all this?
Boo: Nope… I'm legally married to Steve, and Handfasted to both Rich and Steve.
Mr Dave: Aha… Interesting again… Is Hedge Witch perhaps a sub-set of Mormonism? : : : smirk : : :
Boo: : : : throwing pretzels at interviewer : : :
Mr Dave: : : : Audience is RAVING : : : So, what else could we expect to see after a web-search into polyamory?
Boo: : : : geeze… : : :
Mr Dave: (wow, that WAS a bad joke… My minion (cat) clawed my feet from under the coffee table right when I sent it… Did not even know she was there)
Boo: Well, unfortunately, it's kind of unpredictable… I'd never actually heard the word until long after Rich joined us.
Boo: But he'd been exposed to the idea on a backpacking vacation in South America.
Mr Dave: Please enlighten us further!
Boo: about the search, or what Rich found in SA?
Mr Dave: Rich getting exposed in South America : : : snicker again : : :
Boo: : : : rolling eyes again : : : Well… when he was 12, he and his dad spent 7 months backpacking though that country. On their journey, they met two brothers from Tibet, who told them a story about how they came to marry the same woman.
Mr Dave: So how did you all meet and get together?
Boo: Long story short, Rich was one of our room mates, when I became really ill. I was bedridden for about 6 months, and because of Steve and Rich's hours at work, Rich was the only person home during the day. Rich would come home from work, and check up on me… do any work that needed to be done… went to the store if we needed food, and then spent the rest of the day keeping me company. A few months into it, we realized what a profound connection we had, but I wasn't going to have an affair, and Rich cared for the whole family, and didn't want Steve out of the picture… So eventually he told us about two brothers who were married to the same woman, and made Steve and I a proposal: Rich offered to contribute all his income to the household, take on half of Steve's chores, and take an active part in raising the kids, and all he wanted was to be a part of the family. Steve thought it over, and decided that he loved me, and wanted me to be happy… he cared deeply for Richard, because of how much he'd already shown his intentions, and decided that twice the money, and half the work was worth sharing me, lol!
Mr Dave: Well, as we all know, men are often territorial… How do two big-strong men share one little Boo?
Boo: The first few years were really tough, because we all had 'issues' that needed to be dealt with… but it's just wonderful now! We're all really good at not getting in each others' way, lol! Seriously, we each have certain 'talents' for lack of a better word, and we each overlap in several ways, but generally, we stick to what we're each best at.
Mr Dave: But there is no excessively musky odors coming from the corners of the house or your underwear drawer?
Mr Dave: (I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry)
Boo: : : : flips spoonful of mashed potatos at interviewer : : :
Mr Dave: How do your family and friends react to this lifestyle?
Boo: LOL!! My Mama said, "That's ok, you're supposed to be strange!" Daddy said (with a drawl), "Honey… yer weird… but Ah love ya anyway!" and squeezed me.
Mr Dave: Well how great is that? What about friends?
Boo: I don't think anyone was all that surprised… all of our close friends lived with or near us during the start of our relationship anyway… they were kind of 'in on it'
Mr Dave: Allright then… What is the first reaction you usually get when people learn of your arrangement?
Boo: No one who knows us now can picture it any differently… it just really, really works for us. Surprise and curiousity… and many of them ask if I'm Mormon.
Mr Dave: How wonderful is that? You have twice what most people dream of having once… : : : single tear and a sniff : : : Isn't that true audience? : : : audience cheers : : :
Boo: : : : picking up bowl of mashy-taters : : :
Mr Dave: : : : interviewer blows kiss toward Boo, but does it daringly with strong profile and sudden wind blowing his hair back : : :
Boo: : : : tosses bowl at interviewer : : :
Boo: But… It's NOT for everyone! You really have to stow your ego in a family our size, ya know? But, we've got it all squared away.
Mr Dave: Now then, going back a ways in the interview… You said you'd already been practicing 20 years before having a "title." Was there a definitive moment? A moment where before that you were only curious and after you were committed to the ": : : sticks out tongue: : : practicing" path?
Boo: Not so much… … I just slowly came to realize that what I'd been driven to do during my life was witchcraft. It took me a while to 'get it' cause I'm not big on labels, and I tried to conform to the 'Wiccan' idea, but it just didn't work for me.
Mr Dave: Is the nature of a Hedge Witch then a solitary practicioner?
Boo: It is for me… speaking with Mother & Father is an extremely personal thing for me… I don't share it easily.
Mr Dave: Really? With as full as your house is you must share occasionally… Is their an heir apparent? Is someone in your family following Mommy's footsteps closely?
Boo: Oh, that's what you meant… Everyone here knows that they are welcome to share anything… dreams, visions, spell ideas, wishes… Asked questions are answered. Everyone is absolutely free to follow their own path. Most of the family does Magick in their own way, privately.
Mr Dave: Interesting… An entire brood of individualists…
Boo: Well, it's an extremely supportive environment. I caught so much crap when I was a kid from people outside my family, that we wanted to raise the kids in an atmosphere that was totally opposite. And the kids are exceptional! : : : proud Mama smile! : : :
Mr Dave: Anyway… Just from my own energy work I know often times "goals" can more strongly be reached with both male and female energy… Or for that matter, more concentrating on the goal than one… Does anyone in your family regularly share in your efforts?
Boo: Oh all the time! We have common goals, and we all add our energies as we feel we're directed to.
Mr Dave: do you have an example?
Boo: A few years ago, the home we were living in was sold out from under us, and we needed to find a place fast… That's very hard to do with a family our size, as you can probably imagine… So, we gathered the family, and explained the situation, down to the littlest ones… I started a spell that night that used sympathetic magick, and ended up drawing a 'dream house'. My sons went outside to pray… my oldest daughter created her own spell… the younger girls made up a game about finding our new place… the babies loved us, and added their energy that way. Three days later, I got a phone call from a woman in the town where we now reside… She said, "I don't know why I'm calling you… I think maybe I can help". I said I'd be happy to hear her out… having no idea what this was all about…
Mr Dave: No kidding!?!?!? How great is that?
Boo: Then she told me about a home she'd lived in 10 years previously… she said it was for rent. She told me what street it was on.
Mr Dave: How very interesting!
Boo: Did I mention I'd never met this woman, and she didn't tell me her name? The cool part is the woman who made this call, lives on the street we are on now 2 moves later!
Mr Dave: No you didn't. This is amazing!
Boo: Anyway, we drove the 2 1/2 hours, and checked around town… when we found the house it looked exactly like what I had drawn but it was rented. The next day, we passed the house again, and the "For Rent": sign was back up…
Mr Dave: as though meant to be?
Boo: We were shown the house with 7 other people. Went to the office to turn in our application after 5:30, expecting to drop it thru the slot in the door, and was met at the door by the manager who said, "I was wondering who'd get here first… I only accept one application at a time."
Mr Dave: Really!?
Boo: We don't live there any longer, but we all just loved the home. A woman who also loved this house contacted the owner when she was on vacation in Africa, and convinced her to sell it on the spot. We had four days to find a new place and move. And the next home came to us just as quickly. We'll be here for another year, after which time, the owner has decided to bulldoze it, and build nine tract homes on the property.
Mr Dave: Ouch! Is a nomadic lifestyle also something to expect as a Hedge Witch?
Boo: No it isn't and I wouldn't wish it on anyone… we're all flat tired of doing it, actually. But, we all have faith that we'll continue to be taken care of, just as we have been in the past.
Mr Dave: Does this mean there is more sympathetic magic in the future, maybe this time for more permanent digs?
Boo: lol… how's that for energy-sharing?
Mr Dave: Audience? : : : applause : : :
Boo: We think we'll be moving to one more place before we get to our 'final destination', that's the general consensus, anyway, lol!
Boo: : : : checking the crock pot cause I'm making dinner : : :
Boo: : : : back : : :
Mr Dave: And is this "final destination," is the consensus that it is meant to be? Or is it something you've been asking for?
Boo: Both.
Mr Dave: Both, do you already have it envisioned as you did with the home in the above story?
Boo: Everyone feels it, and we've been 'formulating' our ideal place… tossing ideas back and forth… making plans. We're keeping an eye out for our ideal property, as we'll build our home.
Mr Dave: If everyone at Clan Boo has been formulating. Enlighten us… What can we expect of the "Final Destination," the "Home Planet," the "mother ship?" What can we expect when you are finally taken to your leader? But seriously, please tell us of the place your are picturing?
Boo: Hmmm… how best to describe it?… …
Mr Dave: : : : ducking another bowl of 'tatoes : : :
Boo: Imagine The Burrow, Hobbiton… as it relates to Morrocco With delusions of grandeur and the occasional natural or gothic accent
Mr Dave: The burrow… HOW FUNNY!!! You should tell our readers how tall you are…
Boo: LOL!! I'm 4 foot 11, but it'll be tall enough to accommodate Wes, the kids' Godfather, who is 6 foot 6
Mr Dave: Do you have hairy feet?
Boo: nope… smooth but flat, lol!
Mr Dave: four foot eleven height… six foot heart… TEN foot attitude
Boo: only for you : : : bats eyelashes : : :
Mr Dave: ohhhh sththththooooppp! You are definitely a big present in a little package… And I think the audience will agree. . : : : pausing for agreement applause : : : What else makes Boo tick? What other interests and skills do you bring to an already abundant table?
Boo: Lately, I'm getting acquainted with my 'inner writer' and 'artist'.
Mr Dave: You write? What do you write aside from your fine, award-worthy work at esteemed Timeless Spirit?
Boo: That's it… I'd never written before, except for some poetry when I was a kid. Was totally stunned to be asked to write my first article for Aleesha!
Mr Dave: Well, of course we are all well aware of your work at Timeless Spirit… : : : standing up and turning to audience : : : That's why we're here isn't it folks!?!?!? : : : Full standing ovation : : :
Boo: : : : gagging : : :
Mr Dave: : : : Sitting back down and reminding myself it is not about me : : : Now, tell me about your "inner-artist."
Boo: Oh man… I've just always HAD to create stuff… if I had no materials, I'd go outside, and draw in the dirt, or dig some clay to play with. I was an only child until the age of 9, and had an intense imagination.
Mr Dave: ('bout time you started being forthcoming about yourself… )
Boo: Most people were uncomfortable around me, so I spent a lot of time amusing myself, and it was usually related to art of some kind, or reading.
Mr Dave: No need for imagination with TWO husbands! Am I right folks????
Boo: : : : pththththththth!!!! : : :
Mr Dave: That's OK, my familiar stealth kitty smacked me again for that one
Boo: : : : score one for minion kitty!! : : :
Mr Dave: So, what medium is your "inner-artist" currently dabbling in? (two Goof… or did you miss the one above?)
Mr Dave: : : : remembering rain forest, V-8 based cocktail and refilling Boo's from the shaker while affecting an engrossed look : : :
Boo: Mostly beading at the moment… we were starting to sell our sculptures, but our house is very old, and has no AC. With the summer heat wave, my clay was too hot to sculpt, so I've been concentrating on paper arts and the beading. Working mostly on Art and Spirit dolls, which are very inspiring!
Boo: : : : I did miss that one… damn! : : :
Mr Dave: : : : pondering life's ironies while looking like I am hanging on Boo's every word… Why is MY minnion kitty smacking me around for ripping on Boo? : : :
Boo: : : : makes ya wonder, huh? : : : - : : : winking at audience : : :
Mr Dave: You say the heat is affecting the clay… Would you and your (obviously hidden) Mormon faith consider this meant to be?
Boo: : : : looking for something heavy to throw : : :
Mr Dave: (psssssstttttt Goof… I KNEW making you laugh would be the ONLY way to interview you!)
Boo: : : : pssst… Pthththththththth!!! : : :
Mr Dave: Seriously though… You mentioned the other mediums you are working in because it is too hot for the clay… Perhaps something will come from the newer mediums? Perhaps you will shift back when the weather eases?
Boo: Yeah, I need to, because I have customers waiting for orders, lol! Luckily, they all understand, and have been nothing but supportive!
Mr Dave: (psst… Look Goof… You don't take yourself seriously enough… An interview that took you seriously would NOT have worked!)
Boo: And I just love beading!!
Boo: : : : ok, OK! : : :
Mr Dave: You have customers waiting? You let on as though this is your current hobby, but on top of everything else you are actually a professional artist?
Boo: Well, I got really lucky… one of my dearest friends is an artist, and I gifted her with a couple of cabochons. She asked if I'd make more, and the more I made, the better they got. I put one on a beaded cat, that Aleesha, Timeless' editor has asked to use on a future cover.
Mr Dave: How wonderful! What is a Cabochon?
Boo: it's a 'bead' for lack of a better word, that is flat on one side… like the semi-prescious gemstones they put into rings with traditional settings.
Boo: *flat on the back side*
Mr Dave: And you made one of these?
Boo: several
Mr Dave: *like me*
Boo: : : : snort! : : :
Mr Dave: (psssttt… You are a LOT more fun when you laugh… Goof)
Boo: : : : a'right you fecker… yer making me snarf! : : :
Mr Dave: And you say you've even been so recognized as to have your art on the cover of Timeless Spirit… on top of your eagerly anticipated column?
Boo: Not yet… but Aleesha and I have become friends, and when I sent her a picture of the cat, she fell in love with it. She really wanted to buy it for herself so instead she asked to use it for the magazine.
Mr Dave: So, any more energy work on the immediate agenda? What do you do for your birthday?
Boo: Magickally, I do the usual… my prayer and spell lists. We'll probably have a nice dinner at home, and cuddle up to watch movies.
Mr Dave: Ok, that brings up something interesting… What does Boo consider "the usual?"
Boo: Rest assured, chocolate will be involved.

(Editor's Note: See Casimir's article in Magik'ly Speaking to see how much Boo relies on chocolate!)

Mr Dave: Let's talk about your spellwork? How do you keep it all straight?
Boo: I keep two lists at all times. One for people who have requested prayers, and the other for spellwork.
Mr Dave: Please explain the difference to our audience
Boo: : : : picking the gaffer's nose to hurl a booger at interviewer : : :
Mr Dave: : : : Your own fault for giving up the entire bowl of mashed potatos… Something like that could have aided you all evening : : :
Boo: Many of my Christian clients don't feel comfortable asking me for spellwork, so I say prayers for them instead. For me though, Spellwork is nothing more than ritualized prayer.
Mr Dave: If you do not mind, indulge me here audience… So when you say two lists, one for prayers, one for spells… Aren't we really just talking semantics?
Mr Dave: : : : Interviewer is just now realizing he should have read the WHOLE answer to the last question before firing ahead : : :
Boo: perhaps… but it makes some people more comfortable.
Boo: : : : lol!! : : : *way to keep up!*
Mr Dave: (pssst… Me bad Boo.)
Boo: : : : he's totally forgiven, isn't he, Audience? : : : - : : : roar for the interviewer! : : :
Mr Dave: You bring up an interesting situation when you mention your Christian clients… Do you do much cross-faith work?
Mr Dave: : : : audience forgives : : :
Boo: Yes.
Mr Dave: Really? For the empiricists in the back… What percentage would you say?
Boo: hmm… well, I don't usually ask, so I'm not sure… I only know about the ones who volunteer the information.
Mr Dave: Allright… It has to be a high percentage though… You just said you keep two lists
Boo: this is true, lol… but some non-christians ask for prayers too, including pagans.
Mr Dave: Allright then… Tell us this. What different faiths have you represented in your weekly deeds? And you can mention the free as well as the locked-up Presbyterians?
Boo: Hmmm… well, a Muslim… several Catholics… a practitioner of Santaria…
Mr Dave: So, do any of them realize they've secured a window seat on the tram-way to hell when they consulted a witch?
Boo: I don't even ask… most of the non-pagans are feeling alone and desperate by the time they contact me.
Mr Dave: Much like our own relationship… What would you consider the biggest reward… the biggest result or turn-around for your "requests to Divinity?"
Boo: Oh man!! I can't even tell you… people are really wonderful! I get surprises all the time! When folks learned I collected feathers for use in both Art and Spiritual work, I started getting them in the mail… when we needed a new table and chairs, someone brought some over, things like that. We're extremely blessed!
Mr Dave: Many wonder if Boo would like another husband since she's collecting perhaps the Godfather is next? : : :
Boo: : : : feline-type growl : : :
Mr Dave: : : : Many wonder what the 'auditions' are like with the Hedge Witch who cannot say NO : : :
Boo: : : : inviting audience to throw bits at the interviewer : : :
Mr Dave: (Pssst… Look Goof… Quit getting my own minion kitty to claw me!)
Boo: : : : not my fault : : : *winks* Hey I love him (Godfather) to death, but I'm all done collecting!!!
Mr Dave: : : : wondering if Short Hedge Witch wants to try some long distance and very specific energy work : : :
Boo: don't even think about it! Besides, I'm really good at blocking… so there!
Mr Dave: Tell us some funny stories that only can happen to an easy-going Hedge Witch!
Boo: geeze… can't really think of any… have a brownie story, but that's totally different
Mr Dave: Audience? : : : big-assed cheer : : : It looks like they want to hear your brownie story!
Boo: Ok… well, back when I lived in CA, our group of friends used to hang out at an arboretum… wild and gorgeous place! I was a docent there for a while, as a matter of fact. (a docent is someone who takes you on a tour, and teaches… my job was to explain how trees give off water. We did experiments with the younger kids. I pointed out flora and fauna… that kind of thing) Anyway, this one night five of us were heading to a place we called 'the Grove' to just sit, and soak up the moonlight, and ancient trees… so we entered the Grove… it was a very old ring of trees, and made our way to a clear, small hill in the center, where we all sat down with our backs facing in.
Mr Dave: Sounds lovely!
Boo: We were all lost in our own thoughts, taking the time to 'connect' as we saw fit. About 15 minutes after we got there, I started feeling someone pulling at bits of my hair…
Mr Dave: no way
Boo: At first, I thought it was one of my friends, but no one could reach me. I felt for a breeze, but the evening was completely still, except for the sound of crickets and bats…
Mr Dave: again I say… No way Well… go on!!!!!!!!!!!!
Boo: I started to peek at my friends to see if they were messing with me, but still no one was near enough to touch my hair. Anyway, I just ignored it, and went on my mental journey…
Mr Dave: Boo!!! : : : clapping for the audience and wearing idiot grin : : : This is giving me tingles!
Boo: A couple of hours later, we got up to leave, and walked to the parking lot, where we could see one another pretty well under the streetlights…
Mr Dave: and!?!?!?
Boo: My hair was filled with leaves, burrs, seedpods, even feathers were woven into it… it was an incredible experience!! I felt very blessed!
Mr Dave: No kidding!?!?!?
Boo: No kidding Steve and Rich were there.
Mr Dave: If you don't mind my asking… And I am sure the audience would like to know… : : : not even waiting for audience response, already know they are in the palm : : : What other "supernatural" creatures have you run across in your practicing?
Boo: Hmmm… well, we've only lived in about four places that weren't home to at least one Spirit. And I have a tattoo that resembles a faerie who let me see her in my garden one night. There are entities and energies everywhere.
Mr Dave: Was "she" into tract lighting and interior decorating? Did she have an UNCANNY knowledge of techno music?
Boo: : : : taking audience vote as to the Gooberliness of the host : : :
Mr Dave: So tell us about your experiences with "entities and energies… " Did you "introduce yourself to the elements?"
Boo: Not specifically… I tend to just accept whatever I see… and I think they feel that, and that's why they allow me to see them.
Mr Dave: I guess what I am going for here… is your knowledge with specific "supernatural" creatures just those who "showed up?" Or have you ever gone out looking for a specific entity to question and ask for boons?
Boo: That sounds airy-fairy… but I've never tried to deny the little people, or the spirits I come into contact with
Boo: I yearned for acceptance so much as a kid, that I just have decided to accept what I see and feel… the alternative is that I'm insane.
Mr Dave: : : : Interviewer admits to audience a spiritual debt to Boo and vows to in this life or the next goose her bodily in thanks : : :
Boo: I didn't get really comfortable with it until I found other people who could corroborate what I was seeing though, to be truthful.
Boo: : snort!:
Mr Dave: Any chance of talking about "vision quest?" Even if your own was too powerful for the audience or for yourself to even relate… A "general" discussion on vision quests would definitely be in line…
Boo: : : : that's gonna open a whole other can o worms… it'd take volumes to explain : : :
Boo: So do you think Aleesha will like what we did?
Mr Dave: You came across as that which you actually are… genuine, real, solid… And quietly great… It is an honor knowing you.
Boo: (Boo answers a phone call) : Oh man… don't say stuff like that when I'm on the phone!:
Mr Dave: So… that's all folks!

Elizabeth Abernathy (aka Boo) currently lives in Oregon with her 2 husbands, 7 kids, and many critters. She's been a Hedgewitch for 30 years, and works with clients internationally providing Healing Work, Magickal Spellwork, Tarot, Runes and Numerology Readings. Please check out her website or contact her via email today.

David Reber currently resides in Northern Indiana. Aside from his day job of working with children, he enjoys the seclusion of his little white home in the woods. There he is afforded the quiet comfort to pursue a bit of archery and fishing along with writing. This is his first attempt at interviewing and hopes he did well!

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