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Susan Seddon Boulet
2004 Engagement Calendar
ISBN #: 0-7649-2295-5

I have used this day-timer all year and I absolutely love it. Having her beautiful images to look at while I write down my schedule brings a reminder of how sacred every moment is.

As I sometimes feel overwhelmed during my day, I love having images and items around me which draw me back to my centre and my place of serenity. I have found, over the year, that this is one of those items.

There isn't a huge amount of space to write and the days are not broken down into hours… you get a space approx 1 inch x 6 inches to write your daily appointments but if you are like me, I seldom have more than a couple things to do daily so they fit nicely.

I hope you go to www.pomegranate.com to order the 2005 daytimer for yourself, or visit your local metaphysical store and see if they carry them.

Reviewed by,
Aleesha Stephenson

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