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ECOlogical Calendar 2005
A New Way to Experience Time

ISBN #: 0-7649-2661-6

Where do I even start? This is not just a regular calendar; well actually it isn't a calendar like you have ever seen before! This is an ECOlogical (heavy on the logical) Calendar. It comes in 4 long sheets of heavy weight recycled paper (using soy-based inks) and measures 12 x 36 inches.

This is not a regular sized calendar… you can display it on your desk or on your wall, or - if you wish - within a picture frame! But let's focus on what you see when you look at this calendar.

You see the year, divided by its natural quarters: solstice to equinox to solstice to equinox to solstice. The days (although the usual days and dates are also used to assist you to follow the ECOlogical Calendar) are renamed to honour the Earth and Her seasons. There are no grids of numbers broken down into weeks; instead the days flow across the bottom of the panels like the Earth's seasons flow within our lives.

On the back of the opposite season (Winter on the back of Summer etc) you get even more information - explaining the words and images you see on front panel - they have literally packed this so full of easy-to-understand and wonderfully poetic information it's a pleasure to read!

Here are some of the days of April, starting on the 21st with the prose in italics (the prose is only on the back, not on the front of the calendar, whereas the day's names are on both sides.)

BladeWarm means SeedFly in the WindsSwarm they GlideHigh.

SilkenSheath holds a FragrantSip in the PetalWreath for the WingSkip.

WingSkip is April 28th.

This calendar has a star chart (explaining the night sky you'll see at this time of the year), the ratio of daylight to darkness is shown with a yellow band of differing widths. The moon phases, which not only show the phase of the moon but also when it is at its brightest as well as eclipses etc.

A tide chart, meteorological and terrestrial phenomena fill in the centre portion of the calendar with images and short titles which are explained on the back of the panel in greater depth.

And to top this all off… holidays and the Gregorian days, dates and months are also included along the bottom edge of each panel. So if you think you'll be missing out using this calendar I can assure you, you won't. Rather you will gain an understanding and connection with Earth, which is so greatly lacking in our society today.

In the words of David Suzuki (taken from his review of this calendar), "…It is easy to forget that we are still biological creatures subject to the forces of nature. We should celebrate our place in the cosmos, in the solar system, on this planet."

I feel like only the tip of the iceberg has been shared within this review. I invite you to visit the website for this calendar and order your own copy for 2005!

Reviewed by,
Aleesha Stephenson

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