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Sounds of the Chakras
By Harish Johari
Published by Inner Traditions/Destiny Recordings
ISBN #: 1-59477-001-8

This tape makes all the difference in the world for meditating on the chakras! This is not a tape of beautiful or ethereal music, although there is some in the background - this is an instructional tape, in which Harish Johari sounds out for us the correct intonations to make while meditating on each chakra. While there are many books available which tell us the correct phonetic sounds to make, this tape allows us to actually hear them.

In the first part of the 40-minute tape, we are taught the sounds for each of the chakras. For example, starting with the First Chakra, we learn the sounds for each of its Petals. These are the sounds that energize the ganglia of the chakra plexus. Each is chanted once. Then we learn the Bija, the essential seed sound for the First chakra. The seed sound is chanted three or more times. This is repeated for each of the chakras, through the Sixth chakra.

The second part of the tape repeats only the sounds, without the instructions.

The title card of the tape unfolds, and gives us simple instructions for meditating. Illustrations of each chakra, with information about the chakra are included. I found it helpful to follow along, reading each of the sounds as they were chanted.

This tape may be used with or without it's companion book, the classic, Chakras: Energy Centers of Transformation, also by Harish Johari. I have not read this book, and did not feel I was missing anything by using the tape on its own. I do hope to acquire a copy of the book, as I was very impressed with the tape. Those new to chakra meditation will probably want to get a book before using the tape, for a better understanding of the chakra system itself.

After doing the chakra meditations, I find myself feeling incredibly clear, relaxed and refreshed. I highly recommend this tape as one that will take your meditation to a whole new level!

Reviewed by,
Toria Betson

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