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Art and Symbols of the Occult; Images of Power and Wisdom
By James Wasserman
Published by Destiny Books
ISBN #: 0-89281-415-2

A book to be savoured, over and over again. Each time I pick it up I lose all track of time!

From the Venus of Willendorf to contemporary visionary artist, Alex Grey, this book is filled with gorgeous, high quality, coloured reproductions of esoteric art. Lavishly illustrated, manuscript illuminations seduce the eyes. There are paintings by Leonardo da Vinci, Hieronymous Bosch and Rembrandt along with Buddhist, Hindu and Egyptian art. The entire Major Arcana of the Visconti, Waite, Thoth, and Marseilles tarot decks are displayed.

Also included are several never-before-published works, including all 22 paintings from the medieval alchemical masterpiece Splendor Solis, The Tree of Life in the Four Worlds, and modern occultist Harry Smith's Eye of the Mysteries.

Containing intelligent and thought-provoking text, Wasserman introduces the reader to such subjects as Astrology, Kabala, Magic, Sexuality, Alchemy and Tarot. This 128-page book is so much more than just its gorgeous pictures.

A comprehensive bibliography and selected reading list conclude the book. Unfortunately, as seems to be a growing trend lately, there is no index.

Art and Symbols of the Occult gives us a fascinating and beautiful look at symbolism across the ages.

Reviewed by,
Toria Betson

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