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Aunty Nasty on Inspiration!
with Nasturtium Blackwitt PhD. M.E.D., F.D. (Min. H.R.D.F.), Pr. Dip. P.K.C.

Warning: Some readers may find her opinions abrasive, disturbing, or even *gasp* offensive!

Well, our faith in Uncle Sam as a superpower is definitely shot all to heck with the New Orleans and Gulf Coast disaster.

We see how the mighty one treats it's poor and underprivileged citizens - and wow - has FEMA fallen short. And so much for Homeland Security! The Homeland ain't secure anymore, Dorothy - it's every man, woman and child for themselves. If you ain't white and/or well-off you're out of luck when it comes to being rescued swiftly!

And as a mighty leader of the so-called greatest nation in the free world - George W. has appeared to be about as useful as teats on a bull. I think Dub-yuh has scorched his chances of re-election to the greatest office in the land by his apparent lack of leadership and caring. MANY MOONS AD

At least in the case of the December 2004 tsunami, when the storm surge was over, the water receded. In New Orleans it just keeps a-pourin' in, and with the city under sea level in elevation, it can't go anywhere unless they pump it back into the river or the bay. The term "toxic gumbo" has been coined to describe the water mixed with pollution-causing chemicals and goodness-knows what-all else, from oil and gasoline to sewage and dead bodies, that will poison everything it touches for years to come.

Having said all this, what are "they" supposed to do with so many acres of land under water? The $ 454 million earmarked for levee repair and maintenance was swiftly diverted to the Iraq effort, along with so many of the troops who could have served more usefully here at home, instead of (albeit perhaps unwillingly on a personal level) having their noses stuck into another oil-rich middle-eastern country who didn't want them there in the first place.

Tragedy… destruction… helplessness… despair… mere words are so inadequate to use when it comes to describing the utter desolation in Louisiana and surrounding areas caused by Hurricane Katrina's wrath.

And long after the practical considerations of repairs and rebuilding of homes and stores and the infrastructure in general, the psychological damage will continue to disrupt individuals for decades to come. Not since the disaster of 9/11 has America faced such devastation. At least with the issue of the World Trade Towers we had "someone" to blame - someone on whom to focus our feelings of outrage - whereas with a tsunami or with Hurricane Katrina one cannot blame any one person or thing - unless you decide to blame God.

So we come back to the topic of this issue - faith. When all else is gone, we are left with faith. We have to have faith our Governments will act responsibly, and swiftly, to assist the poor and helpless in their time of need.

You have all heard the famous saying "faith can move mountains" - but quite frankly, give me the Corps of Army Engineers for some action - now!

Ms. Blackwitt is a noted psychologist who specialises in dysfunctional behavioural and abnormal sociological interaction. Her column features insightful commentaries on familial relationships, as viewed from her unique perspective.

Affectionately known as 'Aunty Nasty', amongst her many honours and awards are a Ph. D in 'Mammalian Excretement Dispersal' and a Degree of Familiarity with The Ministry of Human Remains and Dysfunctional Families.

Ms.Blackwitt also served in the Armed Forces on a 6-year tour of duty as a Diplomatic Peace-Keeper in Washington, D.C., during which time she rose to the top of her team, quickly attaining the exalted rank of Private, and was subsequently transferred to Bikini Atoll, (with undisclosed rank) where she gained extensive hands-on experience in Mammalian Excrement.

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