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Volume 3 Issue 1 ISSN# 1708-3265
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An Editorial by Aleesha Stephenson

"You hold a seed in your hand… give it light and nourishment, and it sprouts… as it grows you back away giving it space because a tree can't grow in your hands."
a message given to me during a journey

Come celebrate with us! This issue of Timeless Spirit Magazine marks the beginning of our 3rd year and what a better way to do it than with Amy Brown's artistic talent! I want to thank each and every one of you for reading this 'labour of love'. We create each issue with a passion and desire to enlighten and lighten your path… and as our regular subscribers continue to grow each month, and our talented writers continue to share their knowledge and light - I hope we have many more anniversaries to come. So here's a toast, from me to you… "May your path be lit by the light from within your heart and may your obstacles cast no shadow."

Of course, with Saturn creeping it's way into Leo, the world and all it's inhabitants have felt the influence. It has caused many of us to question our faith, to contemplate the 'powers that be' - looking into our hearts and souls for the answers to the many questions in our minds. My life has been no different and I'll share that further in my column. I think that's why this issue's theme and cover image is even more powerful! Themes and cover images are picked months before you ever see them. Usually we are working on an issue almost a year before it comes online, so when we see an issue such as this one… come together at just the right time… it makes my heart sing!

We have a new column starting this issue "Da… Funny Pages" where Jeannette Roth with her amazing wit will entertain us each issue, sometimes taking a break to let someone else have a turn, but we hope to bring a new original 'funny' to you each issue!

Bruce Burton is back online and sharing his wonderful "Tales of a Country Vet" with us all. We also have Jennifer Monaghan's next installment of "Dragon's Daughter"! Toria Betson has stepped out of the 'review section' and is sharing her Solstice Tree - fresh VS fake so be sure to catch her article. Dan Pelletier's wonderfully satirical look at Christmas is a must as well. Honestly, every article and column is a must read - so don't miss out… please pull up a seat, grab a cup of something warm and cuddle up to this issue. I hope it assists you to laugh, meditate and maybe even find some answers which resonate within your soul.


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