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Golden Tarot of Klimt
Gustav Klimt
ISBN #: 073870790-2

This is a newly released deck and this deck is magnificent! The artwork is so unique. The people in the images are very different from the usual - the gilding on the cards brings a beauty and depth to the colours and images in a way I've never seen before. This deck is just so… different!

When I opened the package and first glanced through the cards I was so excited… finally a deck that's distinct… and yet, the meanings are simple to interpret. You don't need to use the LWB to assist with reading these… your 'common' meanings will do just fine.

Gustav Klimt was daring, a visionary in the world of art and as someone who loves discovering things that aren't the norm… well this deck really struck a chord with me.

Laying them out to read was another rare treat… the intuitive process started with ease as I gazed into the cards and found a depth to the lesson I'm currently learning… which, in my opinion will greatly assist my process of healing.

I am seldom disappointed when I open a Lo Scarabeo deck and this time is no exception!

Reviewed by
Aleesha Stephenson

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