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Tarot of the Secret Forest
Lucia Mattioli
ISBN #: 073870763-5

This is a newly released deck and this deck is not like other decks. There are no words on the cards, like 'King of Pentacles" (as seen below as the third image) or "I Magician" and the images on the cards are not like a usual tarot deck.

The back of each card has a black and white image of the front of the card… so not only do you (if you choose) read these cards upright and reversed, but you can also read them turned front or back. The meanings of each card and the coloured or black and white sides are left for you to discover. They do offer a brief meaning within the LWB (little white book) but they suggest you discover the meanings of the cards in this deck for yourself!

I like using this deck for self exploration. Discovering what I may be missing by having the black and white image as my unconscious or unseen side while the coloured images are the obvious/apparent side. This deck is a wonderful assistant to psychological healing, in my opinion. As you are overcoming addiction or healing from past abuse etc. this deck can assist you to discover the next step you need to take in your process… the next hurdle to be jumped! If you are in a crisis, it can assist you to see the unseen, know the unknown…

This is not a usual fairie deck and should not be purchased for that purpose… the name really says it all… as it assists you to peer into your own secret forest!

Reviewed by
Aleesha Stephenson

The top image is the front of the card and the image below is the back image.

VIII - Death, 2 of Swords and King of Pentacles.

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