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Volume 3 Issue 1 ISSN# 1708-3265
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Tarot of Atlantis
Bepi Vigna
Art by Massimo Rotundo
ISBN #: 073870464-4

It's obvious by the name of this deck what inspired it… what isn't obvious is the ease it provides within the artwork to read this deck without the assistance of the LWB (little white book).

The colours are vivid, the images are flowing and graceful in some cards and icy cold in others. My personal favorite is the Queen of Wands… a mother nursing her young child in a field with sunflowers beside her and a statue on the other side, in my opinion symbolizing the moral dilemma of motherhood and society's expectations. Her bare feet, gently grounded as her hood allows her to focus on her role as mother rather than the outside threats (a looming tree behind her).

Every card carries within it the same depth and ease of divination. I'm not really a 'theme' deck kind of person… but this deck certainly resonates strongly with me.

Reviewed by
Aleesha Stephenson

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