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Gifted With A Feather Heart
by Dj Brown


There's an Egyptian philosophy which subscribes to the belief that in death our heart is weighed on the grand scales. And, before we can pass into the Everland our heart must be as light as a feather.  

The enlightened heart is so heavy with loving, it becomes weightless. A feather heart can be understood as a translucent tapestry stitched with glorious beauty rooted in pain and pleasure for the sake of knowing who we are and what living is about. It celebrates the ordinary, simple, sublime and earthy. When the heart is open to life, she will seek out the possibilities and lift herself in salutation to the experience of being.  

We are born into this life as an empty tea cup, so to speak. In the process of socialization, our cup is filled by many teachers.  We are schooled and moulded, in some instances, to fit the meaning of acceptable because somewhere along the way, it became unacceptable to be different. Our cup is stuffed with notions and concepts of what others feel we should be. And sometimes, we accept their truths as our own. We may not know, or have forgotten to balance the scale with an appreciation for who and what we are as an individual and for those we share life with.  

Choosing to recognize and celebrate our differences, plus seeing the teacher in everyone helps to lighten our hearts of burden, fear and judgment. Whether we walk the well-worn road or the path less traveled, our teachers never leave us. We may change directions, but our hearts still beat with an unending thirst for enlightenment. And before we know it, a teacher is by our side again.  

When we celebrate the teacher and that which makes us so unique, we learn to embrace our shared dance, the unity of individual growth at the expense of no other being. The timing is perfect for us to now open our minds to the feather heart. Love is the reason for our birth. With hearts overspilling with appreciation for who we truly are together, we can reach out and embrace the connection we share.  

Over time, with every breath we take and all the twists and turns in our journey to illumination, we find the love which fulfills the sacred secret of the feather heart. Our desire for understanding and to be valued and heard, we see, is within reach. And in acknowledging the same desire in everyone, we become a treasured spirit in the community of all.  

The ancient philosophy comes to pass, and a feather heart emerges. It is not the reward for a life well used. Becoming a feather heart is all about the journey of experience, acceptance and honour. It feeds on the love of self and others.  

The benchmark of progress toward the sacred rite is measured here and now by the concern and compassion in our relationship with others. So as we do unto others, we too shall receive. The world is changed by celebrating differences without preconceived judgments.  

Imagine a world where peace is not a foreign policy but rather a state of being, a place where no one is cold, hungry or hated because they are different. It all comes down to the opening of our minds and hearts in celebration of others to give what we most treasure for ourselves, love.  

A mystical curiosity about nature and the ability to paint pictures with words gives this gifted writer, public speaker and artist the ability to serve and share with those she walks her journey with. Dj Brown earned a degree in metaphysical ministry and counseling. She was born a sensitive to spirits and finds her abilities enhanced by her spirit guides and earthly teachers. Dj describes her life goal as one of further developing the tapestry of her spirit to reflect the compassionate, loving Source of her being.

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