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by Dr. Jean Hofve, DVM

Last night I was on my way to the 10th anniversary dinner for Colorado Horse Rescue, an incredible non-profit organization which saves horses from abusive and neglectful situations. The soiree was being held at a place I was unfamiliar with, but I knew generally where it was. So there I was, sailing down the road, and right about the time it dawned on me that I ought to be getting close to the turn, there it was - in my rearview mirror! Well, no big deal, I just cruised on up to the next light to turn around… but as I approached the intersection, I noticed there was a large field to my right, and in the field was a gray Arab mare and her little brown colt. He looked to be about 5 or 6 months old. The colt was sniffing at something on the ground near the fence - and suddenly he threw up his head, jumped to the side, and galloped away as fast as he could. He turned and circled his mom a couple of times, kicking his heels and snorting all the way. I thought, "Well, there's the definition of celebration right there!" This little guy was celebrating everything: Being alive, mom nearby, a warm day, an interesting smell that he could scare himself with, four strong legs and the room to run - it was all total jubilation for him!

Celebration doesn't have to be boisterous, although with animals it often is. Dogs are the perfect example. Dogs are enthusiastic celebrators of everything, just like the brown colt. They celebrate when you open your eyes in the morning, they celebrate every molecule of food that comes their way, they celebrate when you pick up the leash, they celebrate riding in the car - even if it's to the vet - and they party like it's 1999 when you come home from work!

But watching the animals makes me wonder, what happened to us? When we were little, we celebrated everything, too. The world was full of amazing sights, sounds, and adventures. When something struck us as funny, we laughed with our whole selves, holding nothing back. We ran, we screamed, we did everything in overdrive, and it was all wonderful.

As adults, like the placid gray mare grazing while her youngster ran circles around her, we have turned down the volume on our "Celebrate" knob, some of us almost to zero. Yet the world is no less amazing today than it was when we were kids. In fact it's even more amazing. Just think of all the wondrous discoveries being made in all the fields of science every day. Think of the tremendous variety of music, of dance, of all forms of entertainment - and think of how we can access it all with a few clicks on the computer. Think of the incredibly rapid expansion of spirituality and awareness and light that is surely overtaking mankind - despite appearances, it's most definitely there.

We have so many reasons to hope, to laugh, to love, to enjoy… why aren't WE celebrating like that little brown colt? When's the last time you kicked up your heels, or laughed until your sides hurt? Let's stop being so serious! Why don't we try approaching life like a dog or colt or child, anticipating only good things? Life is supposed to be fun!

Here's one way to open yourself to true celebration. In your next meditation time, concentrate on feeling the joy that is our great loving universe. Really feel it. Feel it so deeply that your heart is ready to burst; feel it so intensely that the tears flow down your cheeks; feel how it's so huge that you want to gallop around inside it with your arms open wide. Celebrate on the inside, and your world will be filled with joy.

Dr. Jean Hofve has been a holistic veterinarian for more than 12 years. She founded SpiritEssence in 1995, which remains the only line of essence formulas for animals created by a veterinarian. Dr. Hofve does health, nutrition, and behavior consultations through www.littlebigcat.com.

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