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Llewellyn Tarot
Anna-Marie Ferguson

I am in love with this deck! First, I love that it follows the tradional tarot (for the most part) but also allows the reader to delve more deeply into Welsh Mythology as each of the Major Arcana depict a mythic figure from Welsh legend (the name of which is written on the top of each card.)

Anne-Marie's watercolours are emotional and fluid; the colours captivate you as you layout the cards, drawing your focus in to each image. She provides you with two new layouts; Llew's Spread (to illuminate a situation) and The Red Dragon (to overcome an obstacle).

The accompaning book is another one of those LWBs (little white books) which is not so little, nor is it white and although many tarot enthusiasts toss out the LWB, you will want to read this one from cover to cover!

I'm currently using this deck with my advanced tarot class and loving it more every time I throw a spread and find yet another deeper meaning within the images of each card.

Well done Anne-Marie and Llewellyn for taking 5 years to produce a truly great deck and one which I believe will be around for many, many years to come! I envision everyone owning a copy for themselves as it becomes a staple in every readers collection.

Anne-Marie Ferguson also brought us the beautiful Legend: The Authurian Tarot.

Reviewed by
Aleesha Stephenson

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