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When I see the Wild God: Encountering Urban Celtic Withcraft
Ly De Angeles
ISBN#: 0-7387-0576-4

Ly De Angeles has been a High Priestess since 1980. Her wisdom resonates through this book, as it is just packed with information; and scattered throughout, are wonderful quotes and poetry that whisks my mind away and makes me think about… everything. She speaks of the magnitude of ancestry and describes the four worlds and journeying through them. She explains significance in The Law of Three, "By Earth, By Sky, By sea", and confirms the importance of cycles in everything and everyone. She also writes in-depth notes on the four elements and rituals of Mid-Winter and Mid-Summer Solstice as well as Spring and Autumn Equinox.  

This book has enabled me to think of the Earth's people in a different manner. Realizing that people are still very tribal and wild in the way they live today. And that the same gods worshiped years and years ago are still all around waiting to be heard. In-depth descriptions are offered about tools used for ritual; also, detailed explanation of invoking creature totems and deites. There is also a section explaining The Morrigan - "The Great Queen" aka The Goddess. Ly introduces many other gods with their different traits and roles in today's world, and how communicating with them through ritual and controlled visualization can be beneficial.

At first I thought this book was way too complex for a newbie like me, but as such there is so much more I can gain from it. I had commented upon my first read of this book, that it was too big a step for me, but upon taking a closer look I realized I just needed to take a bigger jump to get there. After reading the book I am left with a lot of questions; but, I realize my questions have only come from gaining answers to the questions I had before. A learning cycle which is important in and of itself. Another way this book helped me, was to observe my mind as a "Transmitter" and "Receiver" during controlled visualization - meditation, and to listen, really listen. I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in Witchcraft at any level. I know I will read it again, and probably again after that because there is just so much information for me to sop up.

Reviewed by
Amanda Bugeaud

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