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Tarot of The Spirit World
Roberto De Angelis
ISBN#: 888395515-3

On the back of the box for this deck it says, "A tarot deck for exploring the boundary between the world of reason and that of emotions, the Middle-earth where shadows come to life and the invisible becomes real."

I agree, this deck is very emotional and is great for answering questions of an emotional nature. Each card is set within an insert of it's own image.

The "spirits" are divided within the 5 areas of the deck: Gods and higher demons correspond to the Major Arcana, the lower demons which symbolize fears, obsessions, passions and faults correspond to the symbol of fire (wands), kind-hearted spirits appear as benevolent apparitions corresponding to water (cups). Angels, custodians and judges of human actions correspond to air (swords), and the spirits of ancestors correspond to earth (pentacles)… each making themselves known within the cards and creating a very unique deck.

I enjoyed reading with this deck and found the imagery assisted me to connect with different guides in new ways… allowing each to speak, bringing about a interesting depth to my readings. I could also choose to simply read with them and not focus on the guides within each individual card (as I would with other decks) and still received clear guidance.

I'm pleased to have this deck within my collection!

Reviewed by
Aleesha Stephenson

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