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About The Cover
Victoria Christian

Victoria Christian is a self taught oil painter whose mission is to create images that deeply move her audience on emotional and spiritual levels. Through her paintings she is attempting to tap into the mystical sensation of "awe" aroused in her while in nature. She presently resides in Ashland, Oregon and is pursuing a diverse career as an artist, writer and sociologist. Look for her book "Artists Envisioning the Divine," which features the work of contemporary mystics and visionary artists. You can learn more about her art and book on her website.

The exquisite grace of the Goddess is represented in the image titled Grace. In this painting an elegant dancer kneels in the foreground, amidst a field full of brilliant red poppies juxtaposed on emerald green grass, carrying a red scarf above her head. Flying above her head is a white dove, symbolizing peace. In the background are three white Arizona Sycamore trees amidst a blue lake. Embedded in the trees are crystalline jewels which sparkle when the sun hits the painting. This painting beautifully captures the graceful elegance of the Goddess. There were many birds that were sacred to the goddess in Neolithic cultures—among them dove, crane, swan and owl. In dreams, birds often appear as messengers of the soul.

The lush field of red poppies represents the rich beauty and creative inspiration the Goddess bestows. Her beautiful, fragrant flowers bring joy and colour to our lives and are offerings of her loving compassion and deep love for us. Without her magical touch, our lives would be drab, for she is the canary in the coal mine, singing her sweet, sweet song of hope. The dove is a universal symbol of peace and innocence. In ancient Greek myth it was associated with the goddess Athene and represented the renewal of life. In the Biblical story, Noah releases a dove from the Ark, and she returns with an olive branch in her beak to demonstrate the flood is over. Ever since, the dove has symbolized deliverance and God's forgiveness. This is what I conceptualize when I think of God's grace. It is a concept beyond this world, and one that earth-bound minds cannot fully comprehend. It's a simple and elegant kind of love, and at the same time, complex and profound. May you have the eyes to see the Goddess's grace amidst all the suffering in this world. For she has nourished our souls from the beginning and has always been a symbol of peace and hope.

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