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Volume 5 Issue 1 ISSN# 1708-3265
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Rebirth - Apples, Daffodils, and YOU!
by Rev. Cheryl Jewett

Every moment of every day, we are capable of birthing, beginning anew, creating and recreating. Isn't that exciting?

Oh, contraire, bemoaned a friend of mine. She had confided in me that she was so incredibly tired of "beginning anew", having to look again for another job. Her life had taken a totally unexpected detour and she found, much to her dismay, it was necessary to make course corrections. Change itself involves birthing, a blossoming of what was NOT before, an opportunity to explore and learn, to make fresh and new. Birthing is merely one facet of that circular process, however; included is also a leaving behind or adaptation of the old, and an opening to the new, whether that's material, physical or spiritual.

Often, a need for birthing is thrust upon you like a streak of lightning in a blue summer sky - a heart attack, mortgage payments skyrocketing, your child struck down by illness or accident, a flood inundating your house. Other times, you simply become aware of a miniscule seed of thought beckoning you to acknowledge that time has moved on, and some type of change is needed. Some birthing is spontaneous while other birthing is a struggle. Like the birth of the moon each night is a given, while blades of grass pushing up through a crack in the sidewalk is a struggle for renewal. Or in childbirth, perhaps, one woman labours hard for twenty-four hours while another woman practically pops the baby out. Each birthing necessary, each beautiful and amazing. If you are feeling frustrated or anxious, however, try these affirmations:

"All cells, systems, and organs in my body are being reborn to perfect health, as predetermined by the UNIVERSAL MIND of the GOD-SPIRIT within me."

"As creativity blossoms anew from the inner recesses of my UNIVERSAL GOD-MIND, my individualism and personality is continuously being reborn."

As with any new venture, one feels a mixture of anxiety and anticipation. When I started college in my mid-thirties, I thought I was feeling fear. Having handled Multiple Sclerosis for almost ten years, at that point though, I had some understanding of the nervous system. And, I had learned the same adrenaline rush can be caused either by a fearful situation or an exciting one. That being the case, I decided it was my choice what to feel, and I chose excitement. Going to college was something I had always wanted to do, and attending the University of Colorado in Colorado Springs was an absolutely amazing experience. How could I not be excited?

Now, I'm not saying I didn't have moments of fear. Believe me, there's nothing worse than anticipatory despair, like when I attended first day of classes and read the syllabus for each class. Oh my God, what had I gotten myself into? If that wasn't birthing, I don't know what is. To bloom and grow as is needed in the birthing process, however, I chose to focus on the excitement, not the fear and self-doubt.

Actually, the entire universe, galaxy upon galaxy, is constantly in a birthing process. Birthing is change, and change is life itself. Some birthing, we fight against. Like the birthing of the furnace breaking down. Or the birthing of a flat tire. Or, as I mentioned earlier, the birthing of a job loss. Others, we welcome. Like seeing the first flowers of spring peeking up through the soil, announcing their rebirth. That would be the crocus, the daffodil and the forsythia here in Michigan. Or the birthing of the first apples on the orchard trees. Or, the birthing of a precious eagerly anticipated grandchild. Or, it could just be a growing awareness that you need to bring more love rather than fear into your life.

Truly, love is the ultimate lesson for us to learn here on Planet Earth. And for some people, this is hardest virtue to birth - unconditional love. It requires you making room in your mind and heart for different lifestyles, diverse methods, and opposing viewpoints. That takes empathy and compassion, reflection and meditation, patience and perseverance, and huge elements of understanding and tolerance. It also involves mastering how you manage your anger, and how you find your Sacred Centre. For love to bloom and grow, spiritual growth needs to be priority.

Remember, love is the only thing you can take with you to the Other Shore. Love lives on, and is, indeed, the ultimate religion. By renouncing all the rituals which pronounce your religion to be the one and only path, you would come to reject all wars and conflicts fought in the name of God. And gain an understanding that God is, by definition, universal and loving, no matter the name given to the God Entity. We, the people of Planet Earth would then merge into ONE Family of the God-Spirit. What powerful ONENESS we would have to change this troubled world for the better.

For me, I am facing a birthing which is going to be a challenge for sure. Recently, I discovered I have three blockages in my heart, two small and one medium. Not major, but blockages, nonetheless. I need to crack down on what I eat, lose some weight, and exercise more. This birthing brings me face-to-face with a very real sense of my bodily mortality. However, I can't say it was any real surprise that I was diagnosed with heart disease since my father had heart disease also which I might add, he did not die from. At almost ninety years of age, his body simply wore out and he peacefully passed over to the Other Shore.

Birthing is nothing to be frightened of, just as dying is nothing to be afraid of; it's just something or someone different. But different can be reframed as being challenging rather than scary. People who die a sudden death are often cocooned for a while as they adjust to the fact of their bodily death. It's similar to how family and friends here gather close to the grieving person offering comfort and love as they walk through grief. Whether it's here or on the Other Shore, some people just adapt more readily than others. However, as co-creators with the Great God-Spirit, I believe if you take the time to go within to your Inner Sacred Sanctuary, you will find all the answers you need to make all the birthings in your life as easily and effortlessly as breathing.

O' Mighty and Gracious Spirit, on this day, I ask for new life.
Please help me now.
I surrender all aspects of this situation to You.
I ask for the renewal of my body, spirit and mind.
I choose to consider possible, through Your grace, the total rebirth of my body, mind and spirit.
Although the mystical nature of who I really am is known better to You than to me, dear Sweet Spirit,
Please let me see revealed the depth and power of my true Self.
Thank You for this opportunity to experience birthing again.
And, so it is.

Cheryl, from Michigan, says, "Having had Multiple Sclerosis for almost thirty years, I've learned much about adapting and squeezing joy out of life. Therefore, I am a metaphysical minister who believes God is in everything, everywhere. And, the Sweet God-Spirit surely lives in my little Maya-puppy, who kept me connected with life after my youngest son was killed in a freak automobile accident ten years ago."

Cheryl seeks to inspire healing, so she developed a website dedicated to those who are grieving.

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