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Birthing of Night's Sky
by Dj Brown

Birthing of night's sky came as the moon chinned itself on the horizon of trees, finishing evening magic hour with an ethereal glow. I wondered as I watched the transformation what afterglow I would leave when I pass to the everlands. Would my legacy to life's blooming and birthing be a wellspring of creative passion, loving relationships and memories, inspiring smiles and laughter? Or, would my legacy be a simple ripple in the tides of time?

It has been my observation that like the impossibility of leaving a hole in water when I draw my hand away, it is also unimaginable to not leave footprints in the sands of creation. Birthing of ourselves through hopes, dreams, fantasies, and desires is the catalyst for blooming into the magical glorious people we are capable of being.

A perfect model of inspiration when it comes to birthing through creative passion is a child at play. They have no preset limitations which block the natural path to living joyfully. For instance, give a child a cardboard box, it becomes a house. A kettle is turned into a musical instrument or something to mix up secret ingredients for that special tea party. Children dance to music only heard by them. A child's hug can literally change lives and they hold the secret to gentle power in its purest essence.

Long-lived elders are those I look to as mentors and masters. They hold within them life's mellow marrow of experience, wisdom, joy, sorrow, evolved beings from generations of renewal. To honour the elder is to appreciate the past, present, and potential. The seasons of life lie at their feet like a well-worn carpet. Areas may seem threadbare and faded; however, like a fine piece of raw silk, what some might see as imperfection is actually a natural and precious part of its unique beauty.

Elders offer us the opportunity to witness birthing and blooming through tested hearts, minds, and hands with a history and sage wisdom. When we stand in the presence of an elder, we stand in the shadow of fine-aged potential.

Each of us is unique in our birthing process and each adds a value plus individualism which ensures variety mixed with the right spices to keep life exciting and interesting.

Night's sky is in full bloom now. The velvet coverlet dotted with planets, moons, and stars joins earth with the universal forces of birthing and blooming energy. It holds us in the gravity of the creation. It pulls the tides to and fro and as I listen to the sound of night's life, I realized what I was hearing was the rise and fall of Mother Earth's breath.

I have come to believe to witness these miracles of birthing is to give my attention and recognize the part of all of us that is interwoven in the creative, living, breathing tapestry of humankind.

Companions and comrades are all around us if we only witness their existence. The young woman or man looking for a way to give and make life better for others. A physically or mentally challenged person who overcomes and creates for us all the opportunity to witness heroism of a glorious kind. The man, woman, or couple who adopt and change the world one child at a time. The fireperson who rushes in while others run out demonstrates the birth of unselfishness beyond measure.

Then, there's our teachers, nurses, and doctors who give to create a better life, and birth potential by spreading seeds of knowledge, compassion, and hope. There are the hands that grow, pick, pack, transport and finally prepare the food we eat. Bless them all. They feed us more than food; they help us bloom and birth our energy through their caring.

I suggest we witness, recognize and honour the mystical magical beings we are. Everything we are and everything we do individually and as a whole furthers our potential and honours the Universal Breath we are all interwoven with.

It is unimaginable that anyone of us could be part of all this blooming and birthing and not leave footprints on the sands of creation.            

A mystical curiosity about nature and the ability to paint pictures with words gives this gifted writer, public speaker and artist the ability to serve and share with those she walks her journey with. Dj Brown earned a degree in metaphysical ministry and counselling. She was born a sensitive to spirits and finds her abilities enhanced by her spirit guides and earthly teachers. Dj describes her life goal as one of further developing the tapestry of her spirit to reflect the compassionate, loving Source of her being.

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