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Purring Humans
by Georgia Lister

It was around midnight, somewhere between dark and light, when my sleep was interrupted by the humans stirring. I lifted my head to check things out and to see if someone was going to pet me. When they ignored me, I went back to sleep… there, on the end of the bed. It seemed every time I was ready for some attention the humans were together swaying back and forth or occasionally leaning on the bed, which caused me to lose my comfortable spot.

I quickly noticed an unoccupied pillow and claimed it as my spot for the rest of the evening. It was difficult to sleep. In an effort to tune out the loud human 'purring' I purred as loudly as I could. It didn't work (although it was kind of like we were singing together). Why they chose that night to sing with me I'll never know.

As the darkness turned to light, I decided to go back to my original sleeping position at the foot of the bed, though it was not easy to sleep with the humans rocking and purring so loudly… would they never sleep? One of them attempted to massage me with one of their feet! I just lay there, completely relaxed as she puuuuushed my back with her foot. Surely she didn't realize how hard she pushed me as I almost fell out of bed! I learned my lesson… back to the pillow I went. Right next to her head. "She'll be able to massage me with her arms up here," I thought. But she must have forgotten about the massage so I went back to sleep.

A few hours later, as I awoke for my morning feeding, a strange woman was there putting food in my bowl. Isn't it nice that my humans brought in more help to take care of me? Anyway, after my meal, I returned to my spot for a quick nap. From the moment I returned, things were not normal. The sheets had been changed, the lights were on, and there in the middle of the bed was this very small human purring the strangest purr I had ever heard!

The nice human who was brought in to feed me was also hired to measure the new loud human. I'll never understand how humans spend their time and money. I figured I could sleep through it all. So I did. Life hasn't changed much around here. My bed's a little more crowded now. But besides that, we spend a lot of our time trying to harmonize purrs. It's nice and irritating at the same time. Ah, such is a cat's life…


"Kitty" was observed by Georgia Lister at the home birth of a friend a few years ago. Georgia has fond memories of the kitty being completely oblivious to all the goings on and felt sure she (kitty) thought somehow it was all for her! Georgia lives in Houston, Texas with her husband of 12 years and their two children, Lily (6) and Jones (2). She is a massage therapist and Nia instructor.

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