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Birthing Awareness:
How to Communicate with Animals (and Plants and Stars and Mountains… )

with Dawn Baumann Brunke

Some of the big questions that come up when discussing animal communication are: How do you do it? How do you connect with animals so that you can have an ongoing discussion? Can anyone talk to animals? How can you sense what an animal wants you to know? And so on. Actually, I think the one question that underlies all of these is really: How can I learn how to do that?

As my good friend—author, teacher and professional communicator—Tera Thomas puts it, "There isn't a 'how to.' You can't teach anyone to communicate with animals—but you can help them to uncover their abilities and plug themselves in to their connection with all of life. That's the only 'how to' there really is."

Exactly! What we are doing when we allow ourselves to settle deep within and listen—really listen—is birthing an aspect of our awareness we haven't yet brought into consciousness. We are hearing again the song of the earth which flows through all beings everywhere. We are tuning in, tapping into the universal language, opening ourselves to embrace ever larger aspects of who we really are.

Sounds easy, I know. And—truth be told—it is easy. The basics of effective animal communication are not that different from basic communication skills between people. You share an interesting thought or observation and then you await a response. The response may excite you to share something else and then listen eagerly as a reply once again comes your way. And so it goes, back and forth, an exchange of information, ideas and thoughts; a blossoming relationship based on feelings, laughter, sadness, joy, and delight. What could be more natural?

I'm not a big 'how to' fan, nor do I readily subscribe to a cookie-cutter approach to almost anything. While I do find it helpful to hear how others learn a particular skill or art, in the end I know I need to fashion that approach in my own way. We are all unique individuals, after all. And though we share a common oneness, we are also manifestations of diversity. And this is precisely why it is so incredibly interesting—and enlightening—to connect with a variety of animals. So, too, are we perfectly capable of communication with anything—stones, trees, mountains, stars.

Now, if you are still thinking, "Yes but, how do I really do it?" I suggest you begin by taking a good deep look and listen with yourself. One of the best ways we can open up communication with other species is by opening up communication with our deeper selves. Deep down we truly do know how to listen to that universal language.

For some of us, messages from animals may come in dreams or in wandering thoughts. Others of us will actually 'hear' animals via some ancient translation device which suddenly cranks into work in our brains. Some will have sensory impressions or intuitions or feelings. Some will see movies or images in the inner theatre of the mind. And still others of us won't get anything… until we settle down, quiet our thoughts, and open ourselves to the magic and mystery of how we ourselves relate with the world.

Now, for those who love "how-to's", the following four steps are a bare-bones basic approach of remembering how to communicate with animals:

1. Attuning

Attuning is about moving deeper in relationship, intimately feeling the bonds connecting you and your animal friend. To begin, get comfortable in a quiet place. Close your eyes, breathe deep and allow the centre of your being—your heart, your mind, your soul—to connect with your animal. Feel your animal connecting to you. Sense the flow between the two of you. Don't force the situation; rather, let it unfold. Your only goal is to quiet yourself and welcome the adventure.

2. Stating your Intention

As you sense a deeper connection, address your animal directly, just as you would a good friend. You can use words (I'd like to talk to you) or images (picture yourself conversing) or feelings (feel your desire to communicate). Or, use all three (say it, picture it, sense it). In truth, it doesn't matter so much what you do or how you do it since this isn't about doing, but about being. Allow yourself to be in that place which genuinely desires to connect. It may help to first express your feelings: I'm nervous about this, but I'd really like to talk to you. Or, you might ask a question: Is there anything I can do for you? What's it like to be you (a dog, a cat, a horse)? Do you have a message for me?

3. Receiving

Here's where you let go of everything and open up wide for the answer to come. Let go of all your thoughts about what could happen or might happen. Sshhh… how can you hear when you are listening to doubts or planning what to ask next? Be open, relaxed and receptive. Welcome any and all feelings, sensations, images, words, smells, tastes or combinations thereof. Don't judge what you get or wonder if it is "right." It is what it is! Allow the full message to come to you before you send a second message.

4. Closing, Giving Thanks

As my wise, old dog Barney used to say, "Good manners never go out of style." Offer warm feelings and thanks as you end your conversation. By thanking your animal, you acknowledge your appreciation and make first contact something you can build upon. Remember to thank yourself too! Thank your intuition and desire to connect with life in a deeper and more meaningful way. Even if you don't sense anything, thank your animal and yourself for a very good start. Really mean it, too, because although it may seem that what you are doing is little, what you are being is deep and expansive and very great indeed.

These four steps are the basics that I shared in my second book, Awakening to Animal Voices. Perhaps we should also add a fifth step: Practice.

This is the one which sets most adult humans to groaning, for a large part of us is impatient and desires to want to know how to do something—and be perfect at it—right this minute. Yet, like any skill or art, we often need a little time to fine-tune our abilities. The more you practice—and the more beings you ask to connect with—the more you will open and the clearer your communication will become. So, too, the more you will come to learn about yourself!

There is no "one way" for everyone. There is no "right way" either. We each need to find what works for us. So take those four or five basic steps and elaborate upon them; find your own unique way of playing with them. Or, rewrite them completely! Or, perhaps better yet, toss them away and just immerse yourself in being.

We humans are sometimes so hard on ourselves. We confuse ourselves by comparing ourselves to others or doubting our own experiences. We write books on how to do things like this, when really it's the most natural thing—just to be!

As you continue to tune into animals (or cactus or clouds), remember the universal language is one we already know, one we share with all life. Because it has been awhile since humans have used this language in a globally conscious way, we are a little out of practice. So, be kind to yourself. And celebrate yourself, for in learning how to remember—in birthing your own awareness—you are helping the entire world to remember too.

Dawn Baumann Brunke is the author of Animal Voices: Telepathic Communication in the Web of Life and Awakening to Animal Voices: A Teen Guide to Telepathic Communication with All Life. Both books explore the deeper nature of our relationship with animals, nature, each other and ourselves. For more, see Dawn's website.

Be sure to read the reviews of her book "Awakening to Animal Voices" in our May 2005 Issue and her book "Animal Voices" January 2006 Issue.

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