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Karma Naturals Soapworks
RR#1, C39 Moser Road, Falkland, BC, Canada, V0E 1W0

I have tried out a bunch of products from this company and let me tell you… I have three words to describe the experience — MUST HAVE MORE!

The Rosemary Reviver Spray is my absolute favourite. I wear aromatherapy everyday and this one is a great addition to what I wear. I mist myself with it, especially on hot days and it just has this wonderful ability to cool me… ahhhhhhhhhhhhh the bliss of it.

Her soaps last f-o-r-e-v-e-r and don't leave any kind of residue on your skin, which I truly love, as I don't like that sticky feeling many soaps leave you with. After my bath I'd cover my tattoos with her cocoa butter stick… what a wonderful feeling that is on your skin. Of course, if you are pregnant, rubbing cocoa butter between your thighs and all over your belly is a great way to stop chafing and stretch marks!

All in all, I've ordered many products from Karma Naturals and enjoyed every single one!

Reviewed by
Aleesha Stephenson


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