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Golden Dawn Magical Tarot
Sandra Tabatha Cicero and Chic Cicero
ISBN#: 1-56718-152-2

The Golden Dawn Magical Tarot deck was created to fulfill the traditional symbolism and ritual requirements of the Golden Dawn system of magic. It was commissioned by Israel Regardie, just 10 days before his death. This deck is the first of its kind to use the order's teachings of flashing colours and colour scales.

This deck is very bright and colourful. Flashing colours, which are complimentary (or opposite) colours, (for example; red and green or blue and orange) assist the reader in immediately grasping the element's energies inherent in each card. For the advanced student, the four colour scales of the Qabalistic world are incorporated into the background of each of the Minor Arcana. An additional Temperance card is provided in order to fulfill requirements of Golden Dawn ritual. It should be removed when you are using the deck for readings.

The Major Arcana are named and numbered with Strength as 8, and Justice as 11. They also are labelled with their corresponding Hebrew letter and astrological symbol. Each suit has its own predominant colour, which makes it very easy to tell the suits apart at a glance. Wands are red, Cups are blue, Swords are yellow and Pentacles are black.

The Minor Arcana are not fully illustrated in the Rider-Waite sense, and often feel very reminiscent of Aleister Crowley's Thoth Tarot. Each card is named and contains a keyword.

The court cards are named; the King, Queen, Prince and Princess. More like the Thoth than the Rider-Waite, the King is seated upon a horse and the Prince on a carriage. The courts are drawn in a style which makes them all appear to be warriors, especially the female courts, who all resemble super-heroes. While I found this suitable in the Queen and Princess of Swords, it bothered me the Queen of Cups appeared to be more ready for battle than for any kind of nurturing or mirroring!

The 192-page, mini-book is very well written and jam-packed with useful information; from the origins of tarot, the Qabalah and its tree of life, divination, calculating time, several excellent spreads, to meditation and ritual work, including the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram. The book and deck neatly slide into a small slipcase.

This is not a deck I would recommend to a beginner. It would be best for those interested in the teachings of the Golden Dawn.

Reviewed by
Toria Betson

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