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Goddess Moons
Environmentally Responsible Menstrual Products

Suzanne Rouse

Suzanne sent me these pads approximately 10 months ago. I've used them, washed them, reused them and washed them again and again. They have not only held their shape (no shrinkage from washing) but they've also continued to hold their absorbency!

These pads are offered in many different patterns and sizes. Personally I prefer a lighter fabric colour so in the middle of the night when I'm up, I can see with very little light from my salt lamp in my bathroom whether or not I need to change my pad or just go back to bed. The red pad she sent me wasn't good for this at all so I suggest you consider this before ordering a specific colour or pattern.

The cut of these pads were very comfortable to wear, day or night. I highly recommend them to anyone who chooses to be environmentally friendly with their menstrual needs or for the woman who is going to step out and give it a try. Suzanne has different sizes and packages to satisfy every woman's needs.

Reviewed by
Aleesha Stephenson

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