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Attunements For Dawn and Dusk
Music to Enhance Morning and Evening Meditation

Harish Johari
ISBN#: 9780892819355

This beautiful two-disk set, composed by Harish Johari, is a marvellous way to ground yourself - morning and night. Each attunement consists of different tones and instruments, as well as songbirds and nature sounds which are commonly heard at the time of dawn and dusk. I found myself feeling the music rather than listening to it. I'm pretty sure I could feel the effect of the music even if I were deaf. It's that powerful.

You don't have to meditate regularly for this to be beneficial to you. In fact, if you're one of those people who doesn't have time for regular meditation this set is perfect for you! I put the dawn attunement on while I tidy the house in the morning and it really clears my mind. I feel grounded, peace-filled, and more awake after listening to the beautiful harmonious sounds.

Being the experimentalist I am, I decided to try out the disk on a third party. I put the dusk attunement on after dinner one evening for my husband and his friend who was visiting. These guys are not people I'd describe as spiritual; nevertheless, both are avid music lovers and both have been graced with an open mind. They loved it. They commented, "This is something you can have playing in the background and not even really notice it: but you're definitely affected by it." And, "Wow that's peaceful hey? Those tones really clear your mind!"

I adore these CDs. On a scale of 1 to 10, I rate this attunement set 12. I don't even take the disks out of my CD changer. I keep them in so I can listen to the disks morning and night. I feel instantly balanced and cleared. The music attunes me to the current moment that I'm in, and sets me up for my day. I've not listened to any other disk of this sort and felt the way this music makes me feel.

Reviewed by
Amanda Bugeaud

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