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Birthing Creativity
by Toria Betson

There is a magical moment that can occur when you are creating, be it writing, painting, or acting on a stage. You lose all sense of time and space. You are so completely in the moment, you are no longer aware of your self, or your thoughts. You become one with the music, painting, or character. When you step back from your creation, or walk off the stage, you have no idea where the colours or words came from, of how much time had passed, or how your creation even ever happened!

What can we do to help this transcendental feeling of creation occur time and time again? The trick is, it's not so much what we do, but what we don't do! It can't be forced. It can't be reached by logic. We can't simply will it to happen. The secret is in 'letting go'.

Begin with intent. What is it your intention to create? Intention is like a seed. This seed carries within it all the potential needed for birth. There is no need to fret and worry. The potential already exists, within the intention.

I'm sure we've all had intentions that never bear fruit. This is where action must come in. Just as a seed needs a little water to begin to grow, our intentions need a little 'push' to get started.

I used to get stuck before I even began a painting. My mentor's solution was that I should spit on the blank canvas. The mark that was left after rubbing it in would inspire the first brushstrokes. I feigned disgust, but secretly tried it in my studio. It really was all I needed to kick-start the creative process. Sometimes you just have to start.

So what about that transcendental magic? We have to get our selves out of the picture, and let the creation unfurl, or as some may say, let the muses inspire us. This, of course, is easiest if we know our craft. It doesn't matter how open you are, if you've never studied the piano, it's not likely a Mozartesque concerto will come pouring out your fingers.

The words, inspiration and spirit, derive from the same Latin verb 'spirare' which means to breathe (into). Whether you believe inspiration comes from muses, spirit guides, a God or Goddess, or your higher self, your ego needs to get out of the way, so you can become the channel creation flows through.

If you find yourself at a creative standstill, like the infamous writer's block, or if you feel yourself struggling, stop! Take a few slow, deep breaths. Feel yourself connected to the earth. Experience the flow of the earth's energy. Now feel yourself open, so all your worries and fear flow out with each breath, leaving room for the energy and for inspiration, to flow through you, into your creation. Be completely open.


Now start.

To stay in the process of creation, do not be attached to the outcome. It is important to stay in the moment, not in the future.

This is not the time to judge your work. Worry and criticism have a way of severing creative flow. Of course non-attached discernment is important. I'm a firm believer in editing, and editing, and editing again! Sometimes this happens naturally, while your creation is manifesting, but if it doesn't, wait until the flow has stopped.

Finally, comes a time to let go. If you are not sure your work is done, or 'good enough yet', walk away for a day or two, and look again with fresh eyes. Once it has manifested, it exists as something apart from you. The birthing of a creation, like the birthing of children, is a series of letting go.

"Your Children are not Your Children
They are the sons and daughters of life's longing for itself.
They come through you but not from you,
And though they are with you yet they belong not to you." ~ Kahlil Gibran

Victoria Betson has been a student of 'all things metaphysical' since her childhood, in the 60's. She lives, creates, and gardens, in her home in the woods, with her husband of almost 20 years, and their two children.

Toria began as an artist, tarot reader, and psychic. Through the process of healing her self, and with the help of her spirit guides and the universe, she found her life taking an unexpected path, that of a spiritual "healer". Word of mouth has allowed her to distantly assist others from around the world, through shamanic journeys, energy healings, and tarot readings. http://www.geocities.com/toriastarot/.

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