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About the Cover
Grace Tran

Namaste, my name is Grace. I live in Ontario, Canada in an century old school house with my husband of twenty years, ten wonderful children, two dogs Tundra and Bodhi and a cat named Oz.

My life, my experiences and the relationships I have been blessed with are the inspirations for my art. The Bodhi Tree came to me one night as I lay in bed after meditating. The circle symbolizes a simple Mandala. The Bodhi Tree in the centre represents a refuge and the journey of each individual who enters our home. The lotus flowers within the circle are representative of mental purity, something I work towards. I painted fourteen flowers for no particular reason, it seemed the right thing to do. I am reminded of the Noble Eightfold Path because of the eight Bodhi leaves that hang from the three tree branches which represents the Three Jewels of Buddhism. I meant this particular piece to act as a reminder for myself in my daily practice, while others ponder its purpose, sometimes finding their own meaning.

Birth of all kinds inspires and nurtures my desire to draw, sculpt, paint and work with fibres. Although I am new to spinning, I am an old soul where knitting is concerned. Someday I hope to have more homespun yarns to work with, a crocheted Zafu is on the to do list.

Life is Good

The Mother
In a blaze of love
Life began

Her womb
Without hesitation prepares
The sweetest haven

Sun kissed
She nurtures
A babe once again

She is the
Heart of creation
The Mother

I've included two (c) pictures I've drawn, "Tree Mama" was created for a friend's blessingway, while the other was created after one of my birthings - titled "Khais Journey".

Tree MamaBirthing

Cover Image

Copyright (c) 2007 Grace Tran "Bodhi Tree"





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