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Breathe Wisdom

with Jacqueline Kramer

Like the seed sitting in the nursery packet,
Just being, not waiting for spring,
Not hoping for sun or rain,
Just sitting in it's package,
Everything we need for our unfoldment
Is present within us right now.

Like the seed held by the gardener,
Our true self has no wants
It just is.

Like the seed planted in the soil,
The unfoldment begins.
We can make the soil rich with nitrogen and phosphorus,
We can pour fresh water on,
We can protect the seed from predators,
But we cannot grow the seed,
The seed unfolds itself.

Like the seed fully opened
From its inherent potential,
Feeds the world if it is fruit, vegetable, grain or legume.
Makes the world beautiful if it is flower or bush,
Protects the world if it is tree,
Our own unique gift to the world
Unfolds in its mysterious, beautiful fashion,
When we sit and let the seed be.

To learn more about Jacqueline and the Hearth Foundation please read her interview in the November 2007 issue of Timeless Spirit Magazine.

Jacqueline Kramer is the director of the Hearth Foundation. She has been studying and practicing Theravadin Buddhism for 30 years, is a Religious Science Practitioner and student of the world's wisdom traditions. Her root teacher was Annagarika Dhamma Dinna who taught in the Sri Lankan tradition. She also studied with Ven. Ananda Maitreya, Achan Sobin Namto, Ven. Punnaji Mahathera and Ayya Khema.

Her work with mothering and homemaking came out of an insight she had one afternoon while out in her back yard. As she looked into the eyes of the neighbour's cow she had an experience of unity and love for the planet and the desire to help protect the planet for her newborn daughter and all other beings. She realized this was her life's purpose. Jacqueline writes a weekly newsletter, books on mothering as a spiritual practice, and has created online lay Buddhist practice classes which she offers, as is the Buddhist tradition, at no cost. She is a mother, grandmother, daughter, sister and friend.

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