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Growing, Not Just Going To Heaven
by Rev. Cheryl Jewett

I now commit to my spiritual growth and make it a priority.

Each person makes this vow at different times in life. Generally, it's after a traumatic event as the person goes on a quest to try and understand what's just happened in life.

"In all thy getting, my Son, get understanding." Edgar Cayce reminds us how vital spiritual growth is for ALL of us. Spiritual growth comes through a series of revelations; those moments when the veils lift and you have an insight, breakthrough, or new understanding. Mastering your spiritual growth allows you to live with more joy, aliveness, and love.

Growth and perpetual renewal—that's what life is all about! Expanding our comfort zone. Trusting and accepting that life is unfolding perfectly for all of us. The shifting sands of life, of Nature. The ebb and flow of Nature, of life. If we but realize our Oneness with all, and acknowledge the awesome cycles and rhythms within and around us, we could tap into that incredible and awesome source of strength within. By looking for these larger patterns in life, we can come closer to God, to the Tao.

In Nature, we find that Eternal Essence called life, indicative of growth through change and transformation; an openness to the love of the universe, patience and acceptance for what is, and a journey like no other. Everything comes full circle. Everything. Through cycles and rhythms, we see infinite growth and renewal.

Turn everything you do into an opportunity to grow spiritually. Bring awareness and love to your activities. Be more observant of all around you - breathing, thoughts, smells, colours, posture, muscle movements, sounds, feelings (physical/emotional), etc. Are you even aware of the tremendous power of BEING in the present moment rather than lingering in the past or future? Can you, in the Nowness of time, focus all your attention on what you are doing? Can you observe your thoughts from a new higher level as a witness rather than a participant? And, change them into even more positive, uplifting ones?

One of the greatest challenges to spiritual growth is your personality which can feel threatened by the increasing role your Higher Self plays in your life. The ego will try anything to hold you back. So, learn to question what you see and hear. Find your own truth. Question things you have taken for granted. Integrity is living the truth as you know it. Act, talk, behave in ways which honour yourself and others. This accelerates your growth.

The ego continually attempts to confuse by reacting from past events, instead of from the present moment. Investigating this a little deeper, we see experiences are simply outer effects of inner thoughts. At this vital juncture, we realize any experience can be interpreted either way, as nervousness or excitement. In fact, the bodily reactions are the same whether we are anxious or thrilled about some aspect of life. Eustress is joyful, happy stress, and distress, is worry and fear. It's my choice. Making that choice can either lead me spiraling upward toward the positives in my life, or downward toward negatory-land.

Non-attachment is serving your Higher Self rather than your personality self. Attachment is one of the major causes of suffering. That said, it would behoove you to develop the quality of non-attachment; it is an important attitude to have in spiritual growth. And, it gives you freedom; you no longer care what other people think of you or in having things be a certain way. You can release the outcome of any situation. You can feel with loving compassion the problems of others, while remaining in your centre; observing, and detaching emotionally from others' problems. By realizing the Universe is offering them messages they need for their growth, you learn to detach from peoples' personalities, pettiness, and faults.

The Creator of this awesome universe is Love. And, Love is releasing fear, embracing trust. Trust becomes a central issue on this journey of spiritual growth. Trust in your body, mind, and spirit. Trust of self, others, and the Grand Creator. Trust in the entire Universe. A Louise Hay affirmation I have found useful is:

"Everything, everyone in the universe supports and protects me. I am divinely sourced, healed, and protected."

Gaining trust of self, others, and God accomplishes three very important things: 1) it can relieve fearfulness 2) it can free you from the many uncertainties and doubts which have slowly but surely eroded any self-confidence you might have had and 3) it can transform your life perception from being a struggle to an easy flow.

Rather than planning and controlling everything in life, you can now live moment to moment, becoming sensitized and appreciative of the wondrous world around and within you. Fear is what drives us to be controllers; it's a lack of trust in yourself, the Great God-Spirit, and the Universe.

Learn to trust what happens as Divine Order, even though it doesn't meet your expectations. Trust that God-Power Presence within, an infinitely flowing fountainhead of Wisdom and Love. No matter what happens, whether you're walking through fog or mud, be assured of your ancestry, you are truly a Child of the Creator of the Universe. Whether it's hand-in-hand with Spirit, or being carried in the God-Spirit's Powerful and Loving Arms, know that Spirit will see you through. This is faith of the highest vibration, maturing into a firm belief, until it becomes a "knowing", your Truth.

Through trusting and knowing, not fear and doubt, you can train yourself to act, not react. Basically, to stop, look, and listen. Tell yourself to not ever needlessly get upset or over-react to any situation, at anytime, ever again. Check this impulsiveness onto a shelf. Then, take three deep breaths. With each inhale through the nose, say "I breathe in love and peace." With each exhale through the mouth, proclaim, "I release all negativity." Then, look within, be silent, and listen carefully to the silent whisperings of the Great Spirit within. This is the moment when I am reminded to get back up on my God-Track. A track offering me serenity and goodness in life, rather than misery.

When I am riding the rail of my God-Track, I am better able to keep my mind creating positive thoughts. I've really become quite skilled at noticing when I've switched to negatory-tracks, enabling me to more quickly dump the negative thoughts. By awakening your mind and heart to your Divine Co-Creator, to self, and to others, you have taken an extraordinarily healing step toward trust. This simple act offers you the strength and creativity with which you access the Power and Presence of the Holy Spirit within. Then, step back and watch the magic happen!

"Dearest Mother/Father God,

May I find the peace and harmony I seek as I wrestle with my conscience, the hidden niches where my conniving contemptuous ego continues to deny love.
I am willing to be healed from such disruption that attempts to distract me from my Centre.
Purify each and every cell within me with the flow of Your Soothing Love.
My desire for spiritual growth far exceeds thirst for anything else.
So, help me find the balance between right and wrong, light and darkness, Sweet Spirit.
Help me question whether or not the thought, word, or deed joins or separates.
Help me choose love not fear, wisdom not foolhardiness.
At times, life seems ambiguous and confusing, as each issue is confronted and challenged.
Where, I wonder, might I have learned such unforgiveness, such fear, and such judgmental attitudes?
Acknowledging that not all of life's experiences are joyful and prosperous, I become humble as I face the rougher times, with renewed maturity and vision.
Be the road boulder-covered or squeaky-clean, teach me it is, indeed, these uncertainties in life that move me ever onward to becoming an enlightened Child of Spirit.
Becoming enlightened, I find the very best within me, revealing how well-developed my Cosmic Consciousness truly is.
Show me how to use my talents, my hopes and dreams for my ethereal evolvement, transforming this earthly embodiment into the soaring spirit I am meant to be.
Let me keep my mind and body attuned to a broad spiritual vision rather than the narrow visual acuity of the body only; turning me into a learning machine, vibrating higher than ever before, perfection personified as I move toward Heaven.
I have, indeed, made this visit to earth school valuable.
For this, I give thanks to the God-Spirit within. And, so it is."


"By making spiritual growth a priority, I'm assured that I've handled the uncertainties of life with a renewed trust in myself and in Spirit."

- from "Growing, Not Just Going to Heaven", Touching Spirit Prayers by Rev Cheryl A. Jewett (seeking publication)  

Cheryl, from Michigan, says, "Having had Multiple Sclerosis for almost thirty years, I've learned much about adapting and squeezing joy out of life. Therefore, I am a metaphysical minister who believes God is in everything, everywhere. And, the Sweet God-Spirit surely lives in my little Maya-puppy, who kept me connected with life after my youngest son was killed in a freak automobile accident ten years ago."

Cheryl seeks to inspire healing, so she developed a website dedicated to those who are grieving.

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