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The Envelope Please… An Interview with Revvell Revati
by Aleesha Stephenson

I had the pleasure of getting to know Revvell on a raw food forum we both frequent. She's a bright light and such an inspiration to so many people. I thought it would be fun to turn the tables on her - since she's the one who normally does the interviewing! I hope this little sneak peek into Rev assists those of you who know her to get to know her better, and those of you who don't know her… to perhaps create an interest for you to check out her work. So, without further chatter from me… let's get started!

Rev, you are one of the most motivational people I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. What brought you to this path?

Long story—I'll keep short. I was in my late twenties and thinking, although I was "content", I wasn't happy and was wondering if anyone ever really was and also I was way too young to be feeling so bad… so I started on a search. 9 years later after almost dying of asthma twice, I found my teacher in Rocannon MacGregor. We didn't do anything in particular for the asthma such as herbs, tinctures or anything of that nature but, he got me on a plant-based diet and we did a LOT of work on having a fear of life. I realized that, even though I was active in martial arts, I was using the asthma and my dogs to keep me from really living.

So how did you release those fears?

Lots of work. Finding out who I was was a major step. Realizing I wasn't the person I thought I was and then finding the core of my fears. Lots of writing, dancing, singing, meditation sessions and really looking at who I was ~ or thought I was ~ and my perceptions.

I know you are a raw foodist - Did Rocannon bring you to this path?

I would call myself a raw food advocate. I started when Rocannon and friends went to the Optimum Health Institute in San Diego and came home with two vehicles full of blenders, food processors, dehydrators and ideas about raw food. He disliked OHI but used it as a place to stay while he ventured out and found a small restaurant, (which is no longer there), that taught raw food cuisine.

I take it from our conversations that Rocannon was the biggest influence in your life, assisting you to create great change. Is this why you assist others with creating great change in their life?

Absolutely. If it wasn't for him, I'd be dead right now. Besides everything else, I was suicidal and if I couldn't breathe I didn't want to live. He assisted me in changing my perception of life and hearing what I was saying to myself to keep me where I was. Once my perception changed, my life changed. Once I noticed what I said to myself, my reality of life changed. This, I share with others who learn that no matter what others have thought of them or told them; no matter where they are now, or who they think they are, their lives can change and they can truly live fully and freely.

Well I'm very glad you met him because you wouldn't be in my life without his influence.

One of my favourite posts on your blog is regarding interrupting someone. *Click here to read her posting* I love the way you are so clear when you share information. Having the life-altering experience of sharing in one of your tele-classes and hearing your clarity (and since I'm the same way, I resonated with you immediately!)… would you say that is your greatest quality or is there another one I haven't yet experienced?

Interesting question. Well, I've got a lot of qualities but yes, I think my forthrightness is rare and I love it when people are that way with me ~ I always know where I stand with them. I used to be very wishy washy, trying to please too many people (can you believe that?) and I didn't like that in myself. Oh! I'd have to say I'm also a darn good speaker and coach. I tend to assist people in getting to the root of their problems much faster than others I've seen.

Is this what you do in your live in-person sessions and teleclasses? Assist people to get to the root of their problems?

In my free teleclasses I usually don't do much work with people. There's some interaction but mostly me talking. In my paid group teleclasses and in-person private sessions we develop a basis of trust and then go into the work in a much deeper way. The teleclasses usually are 4-week series and each week I usually get a chance to work with one or two people. I love when they get the AHA moment.

Now we can't possibly do an interview with you without commenting on your interviews on Rawkin Radio. How did you get started?

My college background is in telecommunications. I spent 3 years at Pasadena City College taking every hands-on class I could take. When I got out, I really disliked it. I didn't like someone telling me what I had to play and what I had to say and when to say it. I think things are a lot looser now though. Anyway, about 3-4 years ago, podcasting started. My husband Bo, who is also my engineer, told me about it and we did a couple of shows. Got some emails. WOW! I could say anything I wanted! It was my show! For one reason or another, we didn't follow through and one day, a friend/coach/mentor, June Davidson told me that a friend of ours was doing online radio and I should do it as well. I looked into it and started a show called "Celebrating Your Potential" (CYP). One month I did shows with raw food advocates; the next with "personal-growth" authors. Rawkin Radio got started when Alissa Cohen and I just happened to mention to each other that we should do a show together. We did but because of her schedule she had to leave and that's when I decided to split up CYP keeping it for authors and I created Rawkin Radio for raw food folk.

What would you say was your biggest obstacle to getting started on this path?

Taking time to get people on the show, was and still is my biggest obstacle. I'm not big on cold calling or using the phone although I do find the phone is way better than email for getting people to agree to be on my show.

What has been your favourite interview to date?

Hard to say… I loved Victoria Boutenko. What she had to say was most memorable. As far as fun interviews, I don't think I disliked any of them. David Wolfe had more different information than anyone else but I guess if you see I've done two interviews of the same person, they were the most fun… Tim Van Orden, Brenda Cobb and Annette Larkins come to mind. It's tough to say this because I have enjoyed each and every one of them but Brenda and Annette were with me when I'd done some crimes against wisdom and they carried the show while I was coughing or something. *laughing*

Crimes against wisdom? What do you mean?

A crime against wisdom is when you KNOW you should have known better. One time was when we went to South Lake Tahoe, I'd forgotten that they still smoked there. There's no smoking almost everywhere in public where I live. Going to and from our room, we had to go through the casino. By the time we got back, I had a cough, sore throat, etc.

Who did you learn the most from?

That it's O.K. to change what you originally say. Nomi Shannon was 100% raw when she started. In our interview she said she wasn't anymore. Victoria Boutenko went from advocating much more (many more?) greens than she does now and she also suggested doing green smoothies for 2-3 months before going raw. I recommend that to a lot of people who I know have digestive issues.

How can we all get one of your fabulous t-shirts? I know I've had my eye on a couple of them for awhile and once I finish releasing weight I'm ordering a few for myself.

Go to CafePress. Just remember, if you're purchasing the women's styles, get one size larger than you normally would… they're snug and if you wash them, you won't be able to wear them…. OR, get the size you want to fit in; hang it up where you see it and do a happy dance when you can fit into it!!!

Thank you so much Rev for taking the time to allow us to get to know you better. If you like what you've read here folks… be sure to buy one of her books or sign up for her Weekly Revvellations at Revvellations.com and you'll be notified of Rev's next class series.

Revvell's Bio:

Author, international speaker, podcaster, natural health practitioner and counselor are just a few titles and certifications Revvell Revati holds. Her main purpose in life is to educate and assist people in transforming their lives by taking responsibility for their own health and well-being by making small changes in their thinking, eating and training habits.

Having dealt with growing up in a one-parent family, almost dying from asthma twice, and having made a full recovery from suicidal depression, she's been there, done that, and humorously shares stories from her own life which have compelled her to change her ways and views.

Revvell can be reached through her website, www.Revvellations.com.

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