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Middle of the Night—Middle of the Heart
by Patrice Karst

Sometimes, late at night, when everything in the Universe appears to stand still and I once again feel alone with the pulsing of the cosmos and the longing for depths of wisdom that can enter my being, it seems, from only a rare and quieted mind… I have asked myself and all cosmic forces that just might be listening and able thus, to hear my call… this one question…

Why? Why the suffering? Why that ever-present, never far from the surface pain in my own and in so many other's hearts? Why does it all often seem so cold and terrifying here on this Earth on which we live? And why, why and again why, indeed, are we even here to begin with?

These questions have kept me tossing and turning through many a night, and many a year on this planet I call home. And though the answers have taken a multitude of different forms over those years, they have still, somehow, always pointed to one great, yet unmistakable idea (a vision if you will)… the wonder and brilliance of the human heart, an open human heart. A subject so often spoken of, written of, but clearly still utterly misunderstood, misjudged and most of all mystifying.

Though yet, I have not come even close to having all the mysteries to my middle-of-the-night explorations revealed to me… I have thankfully, and absolutely come to know this… to walk on this path, this journey of life with an open heart is the only way, and I mean the only way to fully live, to learn anything of lasting value, and to in any way, know love.

For, no matter what brutal battering, bruising or breaking we may feel our hearts have undergone (and oh yes… how we all have undergone them!) the most astounding of miracles is that gloriously, these magnificent pulsing hearts of ours actually do remain open, whole and ready to embrace… in fact to shine again. Of that I am certain.

The deepest spiritual practice, ultimate test and challenge truly of this lifetime I believe, is to explore and trust the resilient beauty of the human heart. Then, with faith and the most unwavering of courage, leap once more into the unknown territory of what it is to live with an open heart in this often strange and often chaotic, confusing world and of course most of all to treat all other hearts we might chance to encounter with a profound and sacred touch.

It is, then only, that we can hope to be gifted with the exalted reward, the treasured riches of knowing what it is to be completely and utterly alive.

May we all, dig ourselves deep enough out of the daily grind to examine these truths, come to believe, and then with the full force and passion of the brave ones, dive deeper into the great journey of our own open hearts and then maybe we can save the world.

Born in London, England, Patrice Karst is a best selling spiritual author, guide, teacher, mother and popular speaker whose books have been translated worldwide. She shares her message of hope, love and comfort to appreciative audiences everywhere. Her work touches children and adults alike. Love, and the needs of the heart are something Karst understands well. She has made a literary career out of addressing in warm and humourous prose the issues that tickle or trouble our souls, both spiritually and practically. Her audiences, readers and worldwide fans delight in the truth of her promise and ability to "always keep it real".                 

She has been featured on hundreds of television and radio shows across the country as well as countless magazine and newspaper articles.             

Patrice lives in Los Angeles at the beach with her husband and various teenagers (depending on who is around!) She is president of Just Love Productions, which is producing the feature film "The Seeker" JUST LOVE is the core message and mission that guides all of her work. Please visit her website.

The Just Love Project is Patrice's 501c3 (pending) non profit organization, formed to spread the message of LOVE to all corners of the Earth.

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