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Naked Chocolate
David Wolfe and Shazzie
ISBN#: 096535339-7

Did you know chocolate is actually a fruit which grows on trees? The Cacao tree flowers and produces fruit through out all of our seasons. It grows wild in South America, Southern Mexico and beyond. Cacao is often considered the "Food of the Gods". It was used for centuries as trade with the Aztecs and other tribes throughout the world.

Naked Chocolate is a book filled with truth about the Cacao Bean, being very informative about the uses and benefits of Raw Cacao as well as the effects it has on your body when we consume it in it's raw state. Did you know Cacao is referred to as "Nature's Prozac" and has anti-depressant qualities? Or that you can loose weight by eating Cacao with it's ability to diminish the appetite. These are just glimpses of what this book contains. I learned a lot about the Cacao beans history and health benefits which I did not previously know. A truly great read! (and hey, it's all about chocolate!!!)

Then there is the recipe section. I felt as if I were about to explode. They all look soooooo very delicious, the photos are gorgeous. You may automatically assume the recipes in this book are all about dessert… that is not the case. I made a couple of these glorious recipes for two of my favourite people and they really enjoyed them. Chili Con Cacao, Chocolate Banana Bread, Cacao Kapow and Tortilla Chips were what my "boys" wanted after looking at the photos. I suggest you get this book so you can experience this for yourself.

The Cacao Bean is truly amazing! Learn something new… pick up Naked Chocolate, a truly rewarding read. Naked chocolate is not only a beautiful book to look at, you can feel the love and passion shining right in the written words.

Reviewed by
Melissa Gilbert

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