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True Meditation
Book and CD

ISBN#: 978-1-59179-467-7

I read this book in one sitting. Simply put… I couldn't put it down.

I was on a 'self retreat' - which for me meant I was meditating for many hours a day. I would start my day with 45 minutes of sitting meditation, followed by my morning routine of feeding our pets, creating juice for myself (as I was also fasting) and then I would sit again. This was my routine - sit, do about an hour of regular life chores and then return to sitting again. It was a week of great growth for me. I changed dramatically as a human being during that week.

This book came to me in the middle of my 'self retreat'. I sat at our local coffee shop on the beach and read each word… mindfully. Often re-reading paragraphs over if I found my mind was wandering a little or I needed to hear what Adyashanti was sharing again to take it deeper into my Self.

He teaches a form of meditation very different from what others teach. He suggests you use whatever methods you need to - to get centred and grounded in your meditation - and then just let go - let everything be as it is. He also gives you suggestions on how to take a question of real worth (not just any old question but rather a spiritual question of power and significance) into your meditation for further self inquiry.

I found his methods to be freeing but also a little challenging. I have yet to 'achieve' what he teaches but I'm eager to continue on my path of self discovery through meditation.

He includes a CD with his book (in the back sleeve) which I found extremely helpful. Hearing his voice explaining his methods and also taking you on a guided-meditation himself really assisted me to 'get it' on a much deeper level.

Reviewed by
Aleesha Stephenson

Over the 30 years I've been practicing and studying Buddhist meditation it has been my good fortune to meet with and learn from many teachers. It is from that experience that I highly recommend the work of Adyashanti. Sitting with him in satsang and listening to his tapes as well as reading this book has helped me realize emptiness and unity in my meditations. He is the real deal, humble, funny, open and wanting to help make our path to enlightenment streamlined and less taxing than the usual western path. With all the misinformation about Buddhism and meditation that is out there it is refreshing to learn from someone who not only has personal enlightenment experience but offers instruction to us directly and simply.

Reviewed by
Jacqueline Kramer
Director of The Hearth Foundation
Columnist for TSM - Breathe Wisdom

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