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Who Would You Be Without Your Story?
Bryon Katie
ISBN#: 798-1-4019-2179-8

When Byron Katie had her awakening in 1986 she began transforming her own life and the lives of people around her. "The Work" as the process is referred to is so basic, so real… and so incredibly freeing. She asks the same questions - and asks you to ask yourself those same 4 questions - and out of this self-inquiry comes deep and healing change within ourselves.

I was introduced to "The Work" almost a year ago. The healing I discovered for my Self once I stopped 'the story' I was telling myself was truly life-changing. I was so chained inside my own mind I could barely function. Doing "The Work" on this situation transformed it for me almost immediately. It's like a switch was turned in my brain and I no longer had the emotional pain I had been carrying around for 3 years. I was FREE!

Since then I have read, watched and absorbed all I can regarding Byron Katie and "The Work". I no longer even have to ask myself those 4 questions… I feel myself taking something personally, getting upset and I just ask myself "Is this true?" and that's all it takes, I no longer live in a world of stories, I live in a world of truth.

If my review isn't making any sense to you - then you simply have to read her books. Start with her interview with Oprah (very powerful stuff) and then move on to her interviews on her site. From there, order one of her books. Start to live "The Work" and allow yourself to be happy and free from the emotional sludge which consumes so much of our time these days.

I really love this particular book. I was able to identify with every story I read. Even though the situation may not resonate with me (as this is a book of 15 interviews with different volunteers doing "The Work") - the emotions did resonate with me. I felt like years of baggage were removed from my shoulders after reading this book.

Byron Katie's work can change the world… let's begin with YOU!

Reviewed by
Aleesha Stephenson

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