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Lotus Birth
The Waterbirth of the Malcolm Twins

Davini Malcolm

I was so excited when my hubby told me a package had arrived from Australia for me. I knew immediately it was this DVD. My daughter (who is ten) and I sat down to watch and we both learned so much.

This lovely family welcomes you into their birth. They allow you to see the process of the end of their pregnancy and peek in, as though you are there, for the birthing of their twins. They have chosen to do lots of alternative healing getting ready for this birth and as she opens up - allowing her babies to leave her body and enter the birthing tub - you can see how relaxed and focused she is.

My daughter was surprised by the sounds the woman made and how she didn't want to be touched. I was more interested in the way she was able to communicate - often only using one word.

My favourite thing about this experience though, was watching them stay in the birthing tub for what seemed like an hour after the births. They allowed the babies to just float in the water and completely relax.

There are a few special features and in one of them we are shown, step-by-step how to make a lotus bag. The timing of the sound and actions are a bit off on this part, but it doesn't make a difference - you still learn how to make the bag.

I highly recommend that anyone who is pregnant watches this DVD - regardless of the birth they are planning. Seeing the beauty of this birth will inspire you to create a more empowering birth for your Self.

I'm donating this DVD to Gloria Lemay because I believe the more people who see this, the better this world will be!

Reviewed by,
Aleesha Stephenson

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