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Protein Bars
Francine's Finest

Francine's Finest Specialty Food Products, brought together in 2004, with the dedication, knowledge, skills, & talents of Francine Burnett, (an award winning chef) and was joined in 2006 by life and now business partner Jason Siemens, both with more than 18 years of professional cooking experience, and in-depth knowledge of health related issues.

"When my son Jesse, who has been diagnosed with Autism, had to be on a gluten, wheat, and dairy free pre-diet protocol to support Chelation Therapy I became aware of the difficulties associated with finding the time to prepare foods, as well as the great lack of ready to prepare foods available within the food market that do not contain some form of wheat, gluten, or dairy.

With the growing numbers of the population facing similar difficulties, and/or being diagnosed with Celiac disease, (an intolerance or allergy to wheat, gluten, and dairy), I decided to dedicate myself to providing various tasty "ready to cook" and "ready to eat" foods available within the mainstream supermarkets, and/or custom orders for people with Celiacs disease, Autism, Vegetarians, sport oriented, athletes and people with dietary concerns.

I absolutely love a few of Francine's protein bars. I keep one in my purse for snack attacks when I'm out and I also keep them handy at home as a meal when I'm too busy to stop working and prepare myself a meal. I love eating a banana with a bar, taking a bite of each. Mmmm now that is super yummy!

As many of you know, I'm a raw foodist and as far as the raw percentage in her bars, every ingredient in the protein bars are raw, except the date paste which is about 75% raw. Therefore Francine estimates the Protein Bars are approximately 95% raw.

As a treat for my family I try to always have a few of her Quinoa Treats on hand. The crispy rice in these bars is not raw but they are a tasty healthy snack!

Click to view a PDF file of all her available products. Francine can be contacted via email for orders.

Reviewed by,
Aleesha Stephenson

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