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Karma Yoga

How Timeless Spirit is Fueled

If you follow Timeless Spirit Magazine, and in particular the Illuminations articles, you know that Parz and I went to the Sivananda Yoga Retreat, an ashram near Nassau, the Bahamas. I went to become a Certified Yoga Instructor while Parz went to support me (keep the tent clean, do laundry, and all the things a partner does to support his spouse! *giggling*). While there, I ran into a concept that is, incidentally, the hallmark of how Timeless Spirit operates.

Part of the course involved assisting the ashram with its day-to-day needs in order to keep everything up and running. Practically all the work done there is by unpaid volunteers; whether it's preparing and cooking food in the kitchen, making repairs to buildings and other facilities, working with guests (which is what Parz did during our stay) in Reception, or stocking the shelves in the boutique — it's all done by volunteers. All the participants in the Teachers Training Course spent an hour working in the ashram, helping it operate. My job was dealing with leftovers after the dinner meal. It was a hard and sweaty job: working in the hot kitchen, lifting dirty and heavy pots and pans, making sure food was properly stored for the next meal or disposed of, and all the while coordinating what I was doing with the other half-dozen people in that crowded little kitchen. Not to say that my job was harder than anyone else's - they all had their hardships and challenges.

It's the attitude of providing service without seeking benefit, or if benefit is derived then of offering it up to Brahaman, that is at the heart of what makes the ashram run. And it's what makes Timeless Spirit run too. Our writers, our editors, our staff are all unpaid. Any advertising money that is earned by the magazine is donated. This magazine has never been about making money and it won't ever be about that. It's about shining our light and assisting others to shine theirs. It's about opening ourselves up to the flow of the Universe.

As I learned at the ashram, this form of service and devotion is a kind of yoga - Karma Yoga. It is seen as a path of spirituality because it's selfless service. Doing the work for the greater good of all. It's not about getting paid, having a great vacation or waiting for Friday. You give the "fruit" of your labour up to God/Goddess/Universe/All-That-Is and do what needs doing from the heart.

I hope you enjoy Timeless Spirit as much as we love creating it for you. If you do, please consider visiting our Donation Page and making a donation to one of the suggested charities there or perhaps doing a random-act-of-kindness in your own neighbourhood — assisting someone who is in need.

Aleesha Sattva, writers and staff.

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