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November's Theme: "Secluded"
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Do Shamans Take Vacations?
by Shaman Elder Maggie Wahls

In my Shaman Grandmother's village in the Ukraine, you would never be able to tell who is the Shaman and who is not. My Grandmother looked just like everybody else with her babushka wrapped around her long hair and her apron, always clean, tied around her waist. Her house was like any other house in the village. Her joy and compassion were always shared with the other women who worked together in the community garden picking green beans or radishes as they talked about life. If you were to go to the town where she lived and ask, "Where is the Shaman", people would smile and point down the block. They all knew her skills and abilities as she had helped each of them at some point in their lives. And as you entered her house you would not find anything to indicate this was the house of the Shaman at all. She did not have altars or spooky music or things hanging on the wall. You would be invited to sit down in her living room and have a cup of tea with her and tell her what troubled you.

In my Shaman Grandmother's life there was never a need to get away from anything. Life was for living and the experiences of every moment of every day were a gift to be treasured, not left behind to do some retreat in the woods alone. My Shaman Grandmother would always choose to be helping someone over being alone in seclusion. She knew that life is very short and her work — our work — in this world is for each other.

My Shaman Grandmother taught me her ways and I too live for the "we" not the "me". Sure, there are times I think about taking a vacation and just spending time doing what the "me" wants. But I only need to remember how short life really is to remember that today I have the chance to shine the Light of Creator on everyone I encounter.

Just like my Shaman Grandmother, my house doesn't look any different form yours. I don't wear funny clothes or have weird things hanging up on my walls. I invite everyone to meet me, work with me, and enjoy their company. In that way I can shine the Light of the Divine on you — that same Light I have spent 55 years perfecting in myself. And I know that Light will bless you, help you, heal you, empower you, and give you so many gifts directly from Source just by being here to receive it as I share this overflow of Light from myself. In this way, the Shaman does not seek seclusion but rather seeks to be an agent of Divine Light for all people always.

I follow the ways of my Shaman Grandmother. I hope to meet you someday and pick beans with you in the community garden here where we all live. For me, every day is a vacation day!

Through the use of her lifelong practices and Traditional Shamanic techniques, dreaming and trance work, Elder Shaman Maggie reaches within to an individual's eternal soul. She tunnels to one's own innate healing abilities allowing one's life force to burn brightly once again — enlivening peace, abundance, joy, and creativity. Shamanic healing works on all facets of the person — past, present and future — restoring and opening the natural lines for personal success in mind, body and spirit.

Shaman Elder Maggie comes from a traditional shamanic lineage, has a Doctorate of Divinity, is an Ordained Minister and has been counseling online for over 35 years. She is also an Usui Reiki Master Teacher and a Certified Facilitator of Adult Learning. She is a published writer and her book is; "The Shaman Speaks: How to use the Power of Shamanism to Heal Your Life Now". ISBN 978-1-61599-007-8.

She offers an online course open to anyone who has an interest in the old ways of healing oneself and others at www.shamanelder.com.

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