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Meditate a Moment
featuring: Aleesha Satta

Grounding ourselves whenever we meditate is so important. It assists us to stay connected while we travel to other dimensions within our mind, or other worlds. When we meditate and are not grounded, we feel light-headed and have a hard time as our mind will often wander rather than opening to the meditation. Then when we are finished meditating it can be hard to walk or even finish a sentence! So please remember to ground yourself before beginning any meditation.

Let's begin.

Take three deep cleansing breaths, in ease and exhale all the dis-ease of your day. Now for our second breath, IN-spiration and releasing any tension in your body and one more… IN-spiration and exhale any residual negativity.

Visualize a star in a nearby galaxy; this is the Heaven Star. A beam of light is coming out of the Heaven Star, feel yourself begin to draw this energy down, through the galaxy, towards Earth. Down through our atmosphere and down down down towards your crown chakra (top of your head). This light moves very slowly into your head, past your eyes, your cheeks, your jaw and into your neck. Then vertebra by vertebra it moves down your spine towards the base of your spine (1st chakra).

As this energy touches the base of your spine you feel it change. Roots begin to develop and weave their way down your legs, past your knees, slowly pushing their way down your calves and into your ankles. You feel them filling your feet and gently reaching out of the soles of your feet and pushing their way into the ground beneath you.

Deep into the Earth they glide, down down down until the roots touch the Earth Star. Winding themselves around the Earth Star they meld with this Star and begin to feed. The energy of the Earth Star pulsates up the roots, up up up through the ground until you feel it entering your feet.

Your roots continue to draw this wonderful grounding energy up, feeding on it, feeling its weight as you begin to feel ever more connected to the Earth.

Off in the distance is a mountain path. Begin walking towards it, feeling the Earth beneath your feet, the softness of the grass, the texture of the rocks—as you make your way towards the path.

When you reach it you see that the path is steep and so you'll need to release some of your baggage - the stuff you carry around with you everyday without even thinking about it. Visualize this baggage as a backpack and set it gently on the side of the path. You are welcome to pick it up again when you are done meditating but for now… let's just release it.

Begin walking up the path. Focusing on the sky above you, the Earth below you and the smells of the plants which surround you. As you take each step, know that you are closer to enlightenment, you are closer to change.

Walking along, you may find the path is too steep for you to continue carrying more of that out-moded baggage you have with you. Stop on the side of the path and once again, visualize a backpack and place more of your unneeded emotional issues in it. Leave it on the side of the path and move forward.

You find your steps are less laboured as you continue on. Following this path as it twists and turns, circling around the mountain and you work your way to the top you may find that you want to release even more stuff - so, once again sit down and visualize another backpack. This time you place your unwanted memories - the ones which cause you sorrow, grief, pain or suffering within it and leave it, once again on the side of the path. Knowing no one would want your stuff you trust it will be there for you to take back with you if you choose on your way down the path.

The path is getting steeper and you may be struggling to find your breath as you continue this journey. Stop for a moment and look at the view. Marvel at Mother Nature and all her magic - the gifts she brings to our world. At your feet is a small backpack filled with all the joy-filled memories from your life - take one out and look at it. Smiling… you put it back into the pack and place it over your shoulders and onto your back. It is lighter than air and begins to lift you up - making your journey easier.

Continue walking up the path as you reach the pinnacle of the mountain. Here you find a old worn bench. Beside the bench is a bottle of fresh cold spring water, a bowl of fresh fruit and a book of inspirational sayings. Sitting on the bench you look out over the landscape and drink in the essence of where you are.

Sit here and nourish your Soul. Drink the water - feeling your cells absorbing this goodness. Eat some fruit - feeding your body. Open the book and imagine the first phrase on the page you read. Stop and ponder this phrase and how it relates to your life.

Sit in silence and simply breathe in this moment knowing you are a cherished child of the God/dess.

When you are ready you have two choices. You can walk down the path, enjoying the experience - leaving the backpacks where you laid them, or you can pick them up again - knowing and acknowledging that this is your conscious choice and right for you to do in this moment. There is no right or wrong action here… it is simply what you need and you must fulfill this.

Once you have made your way down the path - lay in the grass and gaze up at the sky. Feel the perfection of this moment and the gift it is. When you are ready gently open your eyes, feeling calm and re-filled.


Parzival Sattva means "Follow your Heart, Purify your World". Parz's journey began with academic pursuits. He earned his Bachelor of Arts in Astronomy and then joined the Navy before earning his Master of Accountancy and his Master of Science in Taxation. His thirst for knowledge, innate skepticism, and childhood experiences brought about his spiritual awakening.

Co-owner of Whole Body Healing, Parz is a spiritualist, Reiki Master/Teacher, Certified BodyTalk Practitioner, Tarot card reader, philosopher, and Wanderer on the endless quest of Life. He found a fellow seeker and was handfasted to her in a ceremony on the beach in the Bahamas.

He's an award winning author who has been published in Timeless Spirit Magazine, Voice of Choices and Harmony magazines.

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