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The Enlightenment of M'Kewl
by Parzival Sattva

In the first light of a cool autumn morning, M'kewl was languidly stretching, enjoying the freedom of movement for its own sake. He had begun his day as he always did, with some playful dancings and swirlings (no matter if he was in the sky, in the ocean, in the ground, or somewhere else entirely, he always found ways to dance and swirl). As his body moved and swayed, so did his mind, which began to replay scenes of his monumental adventures of climbing a mountain and reaching the stars. He remembered the struggles and the obstacles, the nay-sayers and critics, the tears, the fears, and the pain. He remembered the joy of achievement, the music of celebration, and the delight of doing. But most of all he remembered the sharing of stories, the connection with all the drops he met in his travels, and the knowledge that by accomplishing his grand achievements, others now saw that the world was full of opportunities they had never even dreamed possible.

And in that instant, he froze. In a shock of realization and epiphany, in the frozen moment of the divine making its voice known to someone in a place to hear it, M'kewl knew beyond knowing that his life of doing had come to an end and that a life of service had started. No longer was the great adventure his to dare but to inspire others to dare was now his calling. To celebrate the transformations of others and watch them achieve new heights was now to be his life's work. And in a rush of feeling and emotion, of gratitude and humbleness, and in a hundred other ways that no one, not even M'kewl himself will ever fully know or realize, he vibrated and transformed and changed. On the outside, he looked the same. But on the inside… he was an entirely new drop. And with that, he began swimming and swirling and dancing, more happy and free than he'd ever known possible.

M'kewl's revelations, vibrations, and transformation did not go unnoticed by the neighbouring drops. No indeed! No one had been paying M'kewl the least mind at all, being more absorbed in their own affairs and private conversations than in the doings of a known eccentric daredevil drop. All conversations stopped when, from out of the blue, there was a sudden STOP. It was like a stone being dropped into a still pond with ripples racing out in all directions, but these ripples were ripples of stillness calming a chaotic surface. All who felt that wave stood in wonderment for a moment, knowing that something had happened but not understanding what. That was followed by stronger ripples out, vibrations that spoke of dharma, of karma and of service. But they were nothing compared to the final wave that washed over and through each of them, filled with love, joy, and the ecstatic expression of one who knows true bliss and happiness. It left no one unaffected.

One by one, drops began to approach M'kewl, not really knowing what to make of this queer little drop who vibrated so… alively! M'kewl at first told his stories, shared his thoughts and feelings, and got others to do so as well. But the thing he found worked the best was simply to reach out and with a tap tap here and a tap tap there, other drops began vibrating more freely, more lovingly, and more true to themselves.

M'kewl looked around and saw the changes being affected in everyone: easier and free-er vibrations, inspirations and dreams fueled by love, expansiveness, and sheer audacity. The sight of so much change and happiness brought him great joy. And so he began to teach and travel, to tap tap, and to help others. He journeyed sedately and peacefully, talking, teaching, and tapping wherever he went.

But a mischievous and playful glint was always in his eye as he pondered the plight of drops in remote places. He would talk on occasion of perhaps someday traveling to those places so as to help them vibrate better too. Places, perhaps, like the tops of mountains….

Parzival Sattva means "Follow your Heart, Purify your World". Parz's journey began with academic pursuits. He earned his Bachelor of Arts in Astronomy and then joined the Navy before earning his Master of Accountancy and his Master of Science in Taxation. His thirst for knowledge, innate skepticism, and childhood experiences brought about his spiritual awakening.

Co-owner of Whole Body Healing, Parz is a spiritualist, Reiki Master/Teacher, Certified BodyTalk Practitioner, Tarot card reader, philosopher, and Wanderer on the endless quest of Life. He found a fellow seeker and was handfasted to her in a ceremony on the beach in the Bahamas and then legally wed in a labryinth in BC Canada.

He's an award winning author who has been published in Timeless Spirit Magazine, Voice of Choices and Harmony magazines.

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