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Po and the Stones
~ Hidden Wonders ~

with Phil Kotofskie

One day a friend and I were playing with fenster quartz. Fenster quartz has clear skeletal layers and deep etching all over the faces and body. Its energy feels clean and active. We were listening to the stones, feeling how our bodies tingled and warmed as the stones' energy moved through our bodies. My friend Rita pointed to red mineral deposits on the tips.

"Hmm. That's neat." We remained open, allowing energy to move into our hands, up our arms and into our bodies. Each stone's energy felt unique, and one might send energy to our mid-section, another to our head.

I picked up a stone we had looked at before. At the time we listened it didn't say much, which often signals that a stone waits for a certain person. The stone was a small, clear quartz point with included ajoite (pronounced ah'-hoe-ite), found south of Tucson, Arizona. Quartz enhances the properties of included minerals, in this case greenish-blue to sky-blue ajoite's soft heart energy. However, the clear point kept to itself. Sky-blue ajoite wisps floated in the middle of its nicely tapered body. A small crystal grew perpendicular to it across the base (a bridge crystal), and a red mineral sat atop the termination.

The stone shared just enough energy to be polite. My friend and I went on to a dish filled with ajoite-included quartz from South Africa, white quartz broken into pieces. We arrayed them on a counter. Each stone is unique, so their base ajoite energy varied widely. As we looked at them, I noticed a red mineral both on the surface and inside.

"These have red on them too. I wonder if it's the same as the fenster quartz?" I said. Rita nodded, used to me exploring on a whim. Placed side-by-side, the fenster quartz red looked similar to the ajoite red.

"Hey, what about that ajoite-included quartz point?" I said. "It has a red mineral on it too. Wonder what it is? I wonder if they're the same shade of red?" Rita raised her eyebrows, shrugged her shoulders, and kept listening to the stone she held.

When I held the little Arizona quartz point next to the other ajoites, the reds matched. The fenster quartz inclusion was more orange, so I returned it to the display case. Then I arranged several ajoite-included white quartz pieces close together, to compare the red colors. With one ajoite quartz in my right hand and the ajoite-included quartz crystal point in my left hand, I held their tips close together. They all wore the same red mineral!

As I started to ask my friend to look, the little quartz point filled my left hand and arm with energy. Stunned at the energy pulse, I stood speechless with surprise and delight. Could this little stone ever talk! "Come and feel this little point!" I said.

"So you do like to talk!" I said to the little point. Going back to the ajoite with tips close together, I experimented with the ajoite-included quartz point. Placing the point on the counter, I held the termination of another stone close. The stone opened to me sooner and more strongly than when I listened alone. The little quartz point had a knack for getting stones to talk. When a stone began to talk with me, the quartz point silently enjoyed our conversation. A stone was introducing me to stones!

'Here. Check it out,' I said to Rita. The same happened with her. The more stones and humans talked and played, the happier the little point seemed to be. I laid a stone and the quartz point with tips close together, holding another stone's tip near them. They loved this. Ajoite is an active element of Earth's heart.

The strongly feminine-feeling point guided my attention back to the ajoite-included white quartz. She told me they could help us talk with other stones as well. My friend and I played with the other ajoite. Sure enough, this turned out to be an ajoite characteristic. They love to help beings open up to each other. What a relief, because ajoite-included quartz points are rare and expensive. We humans are not helping the situation either. For example, a housing project now covers the cave where the little point and her immediate family were found.

A few months later, an emerald named Heartlight surprised me by introducing me to other stones! It watched the little ajoite-included point opening hearts so often that it decided to join the fun. The stones tell me that our stone guides do not have to be ajoite. If you would like a stone friend to help you in getting to know other stones, state your intent. Say it, feel it, and the stone will appear in your life. If you have stones around the house, your stone guide may have already arrived. Stone People don't mess around. When we ask for help, they come.

So look around your house and yard. Each stone holds lifetimes worth of experience and libraries full of knowledge. Return to early childhood and play. Wonders await us there, sometimes resting in the palm of our hands.

Phil Kotofskie is a longtime student of life. His sharing is based on years of working with himself in diverse jobs and relationships ranging from Army Soldier to Overnight Grocery Stocker, from spouse to stranger. His specialty is everyday life as a spiritual path.

Phil is a Reiki Master who offers healing assistance and a musician who plays didgeridoo and West African drums. This article is adapted from a book on stones he is currently finishing, with the working title "Stone People."

Phil lives in Tucson, Arizona with Sully, Chairman Meow, and the Stones and can be contacted via email.

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