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Bird Medicine: The Sacred Power of Bird Shamanism
Evan T. Pritchard
Published by Bear & Company
ISBN#: 978-159143158-9

What first drew me to this book was my affinity with Owl and my desire to understand the nature of that connection a little better. What lies within the pages of the book, however, is so much more than a little blurb about Owl energy or really any particular bird in general. Instead, it's a treasure trove of anthropological insight, revealing the reasons why the eagle is the most revered of birds to most First Nations (it flies the highest, so is seen as the messenger from the Creator), how to read and interpret bird signs, and most importantly (for me anyway!) imploring people to remember that bird signs are a form of advice, so shouldn't be taken as divine commands.

Upon my reading the book, my use of the Bird Medicine Wheel became much more prominent in my own work and is a vital aspect in manifesting intentions.

Reviewed by,
Parzival Sattva

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