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Tenth Anniversary Issue (and final issue)
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November's Theme: "Secluded"
Volume 11 Issue 1 ISSN# 1708-3265

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Walk Your Talk
with Aleesha Sattva

Eleven years ago I had a vision. I wanted to create my own magazine and focus every issue on enlightening others. After all, this is what I did in my life as well. I taught people how to meditate, how to read tarot cards — opening themselves up to their intuition and assisting them to communicate with their Guides.

You see, I love the beginner. I love the person who is fresh on their path and finds this path completely overwhelming with all the ways to walk it. Cause this path can be walked any way you desire. Find what resonates with you and fill your soul with that information until you find something else that fulfills you as well.

So I created TSM to assist newcomers and seasoned veterans alike. I asked each of my writers to shine their Light and enlighten our readers with their sharings. I asked them not to try to sell something to you. I wanted them to teach you something!

I feel like we've achieved that with TSM. I've been in the public eye for ten years now — shining my Light for all to see. Now I'm going to fade into seclusion a little. Still working with people but in a not-so-public kind of way.

I hope the journey of TSM has been a good one for you. I know I've learned a lot from the writers and I look forward to reading their words in other publications. They are such a talented bunch!

in light,
Aleesha Sattva

Aleesha Sattva is the Publisher, Editor, Graphic and Web Designer, as well as a Regular Columnist for Timeless Spirit Magazine.

Co-owner of Whole Body Healing, Aleesha is a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner, Sivananda Yoga Instructor, and Reiki Master Teacher. She is a Buddhist and a Shaman. She home-schools one of her three spiritually-enlightened children as her elder children have graduated and moved on to the school of life. Friend (and mother) to them, her life truly is filled with light. In March 2012 her life became even brighter when she and Parz handfasted on the beach in the Bahamas during her Yoga Teacher Training Course at the Sivananda Yoga Ashram. It became even brighter when they were legally married, barefoot in a labyrinth in Port Moody on her 50th birth day.

Aleesha assists her clients by speaking with their Guides, and using tarot, meditation, Reiki, and Body Talk. She is also a Raw Food and Fasting Coach. For more information, please contact Aleesha via email.

Formerly: Aleesha Stephenson

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