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About the Cover
Featuring: Debra Brancato

About the Artist:

Debra Brancato has been a lifecasting artist for over 9 years. Her pieces are primarily personal commissioned works. A large body of her clients are those celebrating the transition to motherhood. It is a special time in a woman or family's life and she feels privileged to be a part of it. She has also helped women with breast cancer capture their bodies before undergoing a mastectomy. Because she is a clinical social worker there is a pscho-social approach to her work.

Debra resides and works in Orange County, California. She enjoys photography, genealogy, volunteering, the beach, expressing her creativity in her home and visiting with family in New Jersey. With her husband and two teenagers she attends the various activities the kids are involved in and goes to Kauai once a year to rejuvenate.

Debra can be found walking the hills of Trabuco Canyon early in the morning looking for inspiration from nature. Lately, she's been preoccupied with a family of Doves who have taken up residence in her courtyard. They seem to love her home as much as she does.

My Genealogy interests:

4 Generations of mothers and daughters. From bottom to top: Debra and her daughter Chloe, Debra and her mother Diane, Diane and her mother, Evelyn, and Evelyn with her mother, Inga.

Debra can be contacted via email. Please check out her website.

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