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Our Evolving Sexuality

with Dawn Baumann Brunke

I recently visited a neighbourhood dog named Maxie who, only hours before, had given birth to eight healthy, squirming puppies. Maxie, a red pit bull, has always had a sweet, friendly disposition and this day was no exception. After greeting us (myself, another neighbour, and three children) at the door and showing off her pups, she plopped down on the floor to rest with an air of proud satisfaction.

When I talked with Maxie a few days later, she related her great love for her pups. She showed me how some of the pups were born in different parts of the house because of the need for different energetic vibrations. Maxie related that because there was not a lot of clean, positive energy in the house it was hard to find the right places to give birth.

She said this was a damper similar to the kind of damper that often exists around human ideas of sexuality.

At this point, a more aware, expansive aspect of Maxie's being engaged my own, and we agreed to move from a Dog-Human talk to a larger perspective in which we could share in each others thoughts and feelings. Thus, we began to explore the nature of sexuality and how it is changing and evolving on the planet. What follows is a distilled version of that sharing of ideas, thoughts, feelings and experiences in which we are not simply Maxie and Dawn, but a larger conglomeration of combined energies looking at the changing costumes of a particular kind of energy, which we humans call sexuality:

Sexuality is a powerful emotion that runs through every being like a cord - something like an energetic equivalent of what the spinal cord is to mammals. It 'holds' us in a certain way. In terms of the evolving earth (and this includes the evolution of all species as well as the conscious evolution of the earth herself, as a sentient being), we are experiencing a period of shake, rattle and rolling changes.

As masks drop and awareness grows, that inner cord of sexuality shines through us ever more brightly. As such, we are shifting to times in which all of our 'cords' or chakras or energy bodies are much more in alignment with who we are, and there is an increasingly conscious connection between all aspects of our being.

Deviant (or what humans term 'deviant') sexuality was one means of experiencing the cracks and corners of this energy -- the edges of what we can do within these bodies. Animals are curious creatures: we want to experiment and find what feels good and what does not. It is not just humans that do this, but many animals.

Humans have many judgments on sexuality, many more than most animals do. For example, some animals find that a same-sex pairing resounds the best and is the most appropriate. Many humans have 'good' and 'bad' judgments, however, and we tie ourselves into knots denying our sexuality while striving to follow a societal agreement of what is 'right' and 'wrong.' But this is game playing; this is mask making. As our masks drop, this is revealed. In the past, the human reaction has been a fear that deviance would rule and thus we saw periods of loosening sexual morals followed by periods of tighter control and morals. This has happened many times, in many ways, in many parts of the world. And that is why this time is so important, because we are actually much more evolved in terms of our 'holding' the evolution of our 'sexual spinal cord.' We are more developed and consciously connected to who we are at ever deeper and more aware levels.

We could also say that there are undiscovered secrets embedded in the power of our sexuality. We are speaking now of Sexuality as a power or energetic force and fuel that drives the creation of the planet herself. There are other worlds or dimensions in which sexuality has been refined in assorted ways and conscious beings have a much different relationship to their sexuality; for example, more as a tool than as a force. This is perhaps a metaphor of where the earth is at present: sexuality as a force that drives instincts, fuels feelings, ignites emotions, etc. It is not fully realized as a tool and all that which it brings as such to a more conscious awareness.

(How would that look, I wonder. What would it be like if we knew sexuality less as a force, and more as a tool?)

Let us bring it full circle back to Maxie and her experience of giving birth to her pups. As a first time mother, Maxie accessed the instinct of Dog to allow her puppies to be born in a healthy manner. And a small part of her experienced connection with a larger force as she gave birth, just as many mothers experience. For different species, this is held in different ways. But let us speak of mammals just now, of dogs and humans…

For human mothers, the process of giving birth can be a bridgeway to other dimensions and connections with much larger fields of awareness. As with an orgasm, an explosion into another dimension is always possible and present, should one choose to open to that on a conscious level or not. So is it similar with the birth process. Both are linked to the core of sexuality as a creative process.

As an example, Maxie began to show me periods of heavy dark energy with her pups (what humans might term fear) because of some emotional residue and psychic energies in her house, alternating with periods of a higher connection, a kind of reprieve in which she opened into larger states of awareness. Maxie commented that her 'helpers' or guides were present and all new mothers have access to a similar group of healing, helping energies during these transitional times.

This is also present in sexual acts, though humans don't often think of having sex as a spiritual event. Yet, in the same way as childbirth may be viewed, the sexual act has similar openings to higher dimensions and arenas of accessing a more conscious connection with what sexuality is as a tool - a tool to explore oneself and the nature of the universe.

In terms of evolutionary stages, sexuality in many animals on earth is still as an exploratory process, not really seen for what it is. And yet, this is not said with judgment, but simply an observation: that Sexuality is an immense force yet to be tapped for the fuller awareness and gifts that it brings this planet. As an aside, many other worlds are watching to see how earth evolves in this manner. There is the observation that much of nature 'blossoms' spontaneously, and much human awakening will begin when we open ourselves at deeper layers to not just scientifically explaining or understanding sexuality, but co-creating in our sexuality, which means co-feeling the sexual process in others as well as in ourselves.

This will lead to a whole new system of thought-feeling, which is different than rational thinking. It is thought-feeling that will allow us to grow in many other amazing ways. For example, we might compare scientific thought as a template or black and white drawing that details the mechanics of things, while thought-feeling is the colors, the vibrancy and energetic component of how this works.

(I am now reminded of the artist Alex Grey and his work as a keen example of how the scientific and thought-feeling processes work together, how you can look at one of his paintings of sexuality and see the physical, biological process along with the emotional thought-feeling colored vibrancy of what energetically occurs in a sexual moment.)

Sexuality is ever present in who we all are, as well as in our very presence upon the earth. The energy of Sexuality flows through the creative process and is simultaneously present in every aspect of being. Seen in a larger sense, Sexuality is the fluid, life-giving suchness of Being herself.

Dawn Baumann Brunke is the author of Animal Voices: Telepathic Communication in the Web of Life and Awakening to Animal Voices: A Teen Guide to Telepathic Communication with All Life. Both books explore the deeper nature of our relationship with animals, nature, each other and ourselves. For more, see Dawn's website.

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